Best Practices for Restaurants in 2019


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  • Author: The MenuSano Team
  • Published: 10/29/2018 10:26:33 AM

MenuSano Nutrition Analysis Software

If you’re running a restaurant, then there are several best practices that you could implement that will make your restaurant profitable in 2019.

Some of them are far from new and many of them you may already be doing!

Whether you’re a small or large restaurant, casual or fine dining, new or established; spend a few moments to check out our 2019 checklist of best practice tips. And you’ll quickly see if you’re up-to-date or if you could benefit from making some improvements.

Implementing any of these changes could literally save you thousands and boost your sales, dramatically...

Monitor Waste and Minimize Losses

Watching your waste has become crucial to the food industry - and it’s not only beneficial for your business but serves social responsibility too.

“Waste not. Want not.” was a common phrase borne out of survival and necessity during hard times. Over time, there seemed to be a line drawn behind our past and a freedom to be enjoyed when we threw food away.

In the new Millennium, however, after a double-dip recession and poverty still affecting millions of lives, common sense when applied to waste management has finally returned.

Throwing away food is throwing away money, literally! No one is suggesting you serve customers rotting food, far from it. But managing food waste is not just sound economic sense. Customers with a conscience just don’t have an appetite for frequenting establishments that throw away food unnecessarily when many people still go hungry.

If you take a sensible and strategic approach to waste management, you won’t just cut costs, you’ll increase sales as you market your waste management strategy to customers.

It’s as simple as buying fresh food, vigilant stock rotations, promoting daily specials, training staff, and clever menus. Yes, potato peelings and potato skins are the same things!

You can manage your food inventory and supply all through digital tools like modern restaurant management software. This software is easy to use and automates, calculates and optimizes your supply chain.

Marketing Is Key To Sucess

Marketing in the millennial has taken on new forms and food establishments can benefit immensely from new and old marketing tactics.

As previously mentioned, don’t throw away food. Back-of-house teams should know what fresh food needs to be used and made into specials. And this information needs to be communicated to front-of-house staff. Take time to attractively write your well-displayed blackboards and make sure that front-of-house staff is informing customers of your delicious daily specials when menus are handed out to customers. And do not forget digital marketing. 

You can even offer incentives to front-of-house staff that sells the most specials or the one team member that sells out the last portion. But how do you reach the new or existing customer and let them know about your offers?

Use affordable and localized Facebook Ad campaigns to fill up your restaurant with local customers in the area at lunch and dinner times on days you know you’re not busy. This is far better than simply accepting the slow trade and reducing staff hours and shifts at traditionally quieter times.

Use email marketing campaigns to communicate to your customers on a regular basis with very little expense. Keeping an informed database will allow you to send out timely emails to entice customers to celebrate with you. Birthday's or Wedding Anniversaries are when many customers dine out so sending your customers' special offers during these times of year will boost your sales.

Digital Adaptation and Transparency

In today’s market, with absolutely virtually every service or product, customers are demanding information and full transparency.

The amount of information produced and consumed daily is quite literally phenomenal. Customers actually want to read about their meal as part of the decision-making process before they buy it.

As a restaurant you may long for the good old days, when simply producing good food was enough, but believe me, they are gone.

But there’s no need to mourn, in this data-driven digital age, as the saying goes: “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade!”

For food establishments, it means customers want nutrition information about their food. However, the great news is producing nutrition information is super easy, incredibly affordable and it always boosts sales - so it will easily pay for itself.

When you produce nutritional information, you will be inviting back a huge portion of customers that are currently spending money on other competitor restaurants.

If you’re not currently providing customers with nutritional information, then the millions of Canadians that are currently on a controlled diet are likely avoiding your restaurant. Not just them but their whole family, as if mum is on a diet, she is not going to eat a salad on her own while the rest of the family eats at your restaurant.

You are also losing out on millions of aging Canadians who need heart-friendly, low sodium, and diabetic safe food when you don’t display nutritional information. Using MenuSano software will instantly highlight dishes on your menu that are safe for these customers to eat. After a life-restricting diagnosis, it’s up to food establishments to lighten the blow for the elderly consumers and let them know which of your delicious foods they can carefully include in their diets, safely.

Millennials haven’t experienced life without the internet and as such, they don’t know what it means to not be bombarded with information. As a result, they are super health conscious and want health conscious, vegetarian and vegan options with nutritional information as a given. They are part of your current customer base and ultimately your future customers to make sure you’re providing the nutritional information they demand. Nutrition Facts Label help strengthen the confidence of your customer through transparent information sharing.

Nutrition Label

Respect Brings Prosperity

If you have the attitude that restaurant staff is ten-a-penny and easily replaceable then you’re probably a bad boss. Your retention rate will likely be poor and you’ll be hiring and firing on a weekly basis; as staff walk out and possibly even pilfer from you.

If you look for hardworking and talented restaurant staff and treat them well, then you’ll reap rewards. You will have an easy time managing them as well as a happy and profitable working environment. And you’ll waste very little time in the expensive process of recruiting, training and firing.

Wages for food establishments remain low, and hours can be long, however, what can be cheaper for a food establishment and better received than to provide their hardworking staff a daily meal free of charge.

And I did say, FREE. Don’t be tempted to profit or even cover costs by subsidizing food. A hearty meal is seen as a gesture of goodwill anywhere and everywhere and staff will thank you by working hard and not helping themselves. Not just that, no one can work well unless they have eaten well. And whether it’s front or back-of-house, restaurant staff are stood up, walking (often at speed) or carrying, all day long. They require a whole lot more energy than office staff. So feed them.

Restaurant staff are human beings and deserve respect. In fact, the level of prioritization from second to second, and minute to minute required by the best chefs and waiting for staff requires a high degree of organization and intelligence. If a manager has gotten a bit too big for their boots, since you promoted them, then maybe you need to readjust your team. Always ensure everyone is treated with the most respect possible in a fast-paced and stressful working environment.

Treat your staff well, ensure that tips are allocated fairly and wages are as much as you can afford - and you will keep the best staff. The best staff make your life easy and customers happy.

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We hope you that you’re implementing many of these practices already, but maybe you need to tweak a few things.

A good place to start is to ask your staff if they have any ideas about how to drum up sales or how their job could be easier to carry out on a daily basis.

If you haven’t already started to produce nutritional information, then don’t miss out on the opportunity to win back a huge section of your customer base.

MenuSano nutritional software is available for as little as $25 per month when purchased annually. So only a couple of additional tables per month will mean it has already paid for itself!

If you haven’t already signed up why not try MenuSano software for free?

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MenuSano Nutrition Analysis Software