Why should you use nutritional analysis software to manage your personal health?


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  • Published: 8/3/2018 12:08:01 PM

Why should you use nutrition analysis software to manage your personal health?

Individuals have different nutritional and caloric requirements depending upon their age and other physical conditions. Nutritional experts have realized that diet is one of the primary factors to keep us healthy. Nowadays, dietitians prefer to use software tools to analyze the nutritional and caloric contents of any recipe to ensure that the recipe is healthier for an individual. These nutritional software tools can instantly provide a comprehensive and detailed description of the nutritional content in a variety of recipes. There are certain ingredients which can be beneficial for some individuals, but not for all. A small variation in ingredients or in the process of food preparation not only changes the taste of the food but can also alter the nutritional quality and caloric value.

Nutrition Value Matters

Now more than ever, people frequently visit restaurants to eat meals which help them to relieve stress or save time by not cooking at home. Sometimes they also prefer to relax with family and friends while having a meal out. Therefore, it becomes a benefit to restaurants to provide high quality foods to support public health. This also helps food service providers to sustain their business by offering healthy options for customers who want them. Restaurants use different nutrient analysis methods to determine the nutritional value and caloric content of a standard recipe. One option is to send dishes to a laboratory for analysis, which is quite costly. Another option is to use nutritional Analysis software where databases with thousands of food items provide all the nutritional information needed to create an accurate nutrient and caloric profile for a dish. Regardless of the method, standardization of a recipe is important. This means that equal amounts of nutrients and calories must be the same every time the dish is prepared. Therefore, a list of ingredients along with the quantity of each ingredient must be the same during the preparation of a particular dish with or without minor changes in the preparation methods. Recipes should have the same nutritional value and caloric content every time it is served to customers.

Nutrition Analysis Software Makes Life Easy

Nutritional Analysis software can analyze the nutritional content and also measures calories obtained from these nutrients. The Canadian Nutrition Facts table provided a list of 13 main nutrients and their units of measurement. The 13 included main nutrients are:

  • Total Fat (g)
  • Saturated Fat (g)
  • Trans Fat (g)
  • Cholesterol (mg)
  • Sodium (mg)
  • Carbohydrate (g)
  • Dietary Fibre (g)
  • Sugars (g)
  • Protein (g)
  • Vitamin A (% DV)
  • Vitamin C (% DV)
  • Calcium (% DV)
  • Iron (% DV)

Using nutritional software for analyzing the food value of a recipe is a convenient method. Healthcare professionals also recommend the use of this software to ensure all the essential nutrients are present in a meal and to maintain a healthy caloric intake. Utilization of this analytic software is helpful to remove uncertainty in people's minds whether they are about to consume a balanced meal with all the essential nutrients or not. Sometimes people are also uncertain about the quantity of calories in a meal. This confusion can be cleared by using this software, as nutritional software provides detailed information about calories in addition to the 13 principal nutrients.

menusano nutrition analysis software

Nutrition Analysis Software Improves Cooking Style

Nutritional software is a suitable option for general use or frequent measurement of nutritional value. The application of nutritional software assists in serving nutrient-rich and proper calorie described food items, which improve food quality. The following tips will help to get the most accurate nutrient analysis report from using nutritional software:

  • Use standardized recipes to maintain nutritionally consistent menu items.
  • Use accurate serving size and measuring units of each ingredient.
  • Ensure correct entry of recipe data into the software program, which includes appropriate selection of the food items from the software database. If any ingredient is not available in the database system, then select the custom ingredient option based on the software supplier data specifications.
  • Raw ingredient nutritional data must be adjusted considering the effect of cooking.
  • The final nutrient data for the recipe must be reviewed. The values obtained must be verified within the expected ranges.

Good News "MenuSano is Health Canada Compliant"

In Canada, experts mainly recommend using Health Canada approved software to obtain reliable nutritional information. In order for nutrition software to receive Health Canada’s approval, it needs to be in compliance with their strict specifications. Health Canada approved software can produce nutritional facts tables for dishes and the results from the software are trustworthy. Generally, Health Canada approved nutritional software have the following features:

  • Establishes serving information
  • Generate Nutrition Facts tables
  • Provide trailing records for audits
  • Quarterly update the regulations
  • The provided information is printable

The software database basically has a decision-based approach which follows simple question-answer patterns. The software also gives guidance to modify ingredients and nutrient content. The software can calculate the serving size, maintain the fortification effects, and can compensate for any moisture or fat loss. It can also provide a fully compliant nutritional fact table.

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MenuSano is User-Friendly Nutrition Analysis Software

MenuSano nutritional analysis software also provides the latest amendments of nutritional labeling regulations by guiding consumers to modify the recipe to meet health needs according to current trends. Health Canada has already taken various initiatives to promote the application of nutritional software in the food service industry. This is because nutritional software is helpful to provide detailed nutritional and caloric information along with a nutritional fact table. Although we are aware of the necessity for a healthy, nutritious, and a calorie measured diet, still most of us do not apply this in real life due to the lack of nutritional information available when we eat out.


Use of an application such as MenuSano nutritional software can definitely improve health by balancing nutrition consumption and measuring caloric intake. The recipe evaluation report can provide the quantity of nutrients and calories present in a dish. Restaurants and individuals can subscribe to the Nutritional Software and evaluate the food value of what they’re serving in their restaurants or at home. The evaluation report from MenuSano can motivate people to have good, fresh and healthy foods. MenuSano aims to educate our customers and audience about the importance of nutritious and healthy eating. Our nutrition analysis software is being used by many leading restaurants, hospitals, and health conscious individuals. It is economical and delivers exceptional value of your money. We are committed to your wellbeing and better health.

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MenuSano Nutrition Analysis Software