Cannabis Edible Nutrition Analysis


MenuSano Nutrition Analysis Software

Customers demand accurate nutrition information for all the products they consume, and MenuSano makes it easy to create Nutritional Fact Labels for your Cannabis based edible products.

With MenuSano, you can skip the high fees and long waiting times associated with lab analysis, and instead create unlimited labels on demand, cutting product development times and allowing you to adjust your recipes as needed.

Cannabis Edibles

Canadian Cannabis Edible Labeling

There are strict rules on labelling cannabis edible products. Labels must have specific titling, formats, font sizing, border sizing, etc.

MenuSano does all that hard work for you. Just enter your ingredients as if you were creating any other dish or recipe, and we will calculate the nutrition information, and generate a label that is accurate and formatted specifically for your cannabis products.

In addition, our labels will also declare the quantity of CBD and THC in your products

Edible Products Bi-Lingual Nutrition Labels

United States Cannabis Edible Labelling

For our United States customers, MenuSano does the same heavy lifting in calculating all the nutritional information of your recipes, so you can keep your customers informed and safe.

In the US, each state has written their own laws as to the sale and use of Cannabis and Edibles. Currently, recreational sale of Cannabis is allowed in:

  • Alaska
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Illinois
  • Washington
  • Oregon
  • Maine
  • Massachusetts
  • Nevada
  • Arizona
  • Michigan
  • Montana - starting in 2022
  • Vermont - starting in 2022
  • New York - starting in 2022
  • New Jersey - starting in 2022
  • Virginia - starting in 2024

United States Cannabis Legalization Map

Prepare now for Future Retail Opportunities

As states allow cannabis retail stores to begin to operate, there will be large and immediate demand for cannabis products.

As states roll out retail opportunities, you can use MenuSano, to begin working on your recipes now, adding up ingredient costs and checking for suppliers, so you can start your new retail business off on the right foot, offering cannabis products starting from day 1.

More Great MenuSano Features

Canadian, US, and UK Databases

Canadian, US, and UK Ingredients Database

MenuSano has vast databases of ingredients, and if you can't find an ingredient in our database, you can add your own custom ingredients.

Recipe Costing Module

Recipe Costing

With MenuSano, you can keep track of your recipe costing, so you can make sure that your products is always on-budget.

Allergen labelling

Allergen Labelling

Add Allergen information to your nutrition labels, to keep your customers safe and informed when consuming your edible products

Secure Cloud Storage

Secure Cloud Storage

Our secure cloud storage can keep your recipes safe and private from everyone, including us.

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MenuSano Nutrition Analysis Software