Free Nutrition Fact Label Generator

Free Nutrition Fact Label Generator

MenuSano was created to be the easiest way to generate nutrition fact labels and do full nutritional analysis for food business and manufacturers.

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Use the form below to generate a free nutrition fact label for Canada, U.S., or the U.K.

Enter the information required and a pdf or jpg nutrition fact label will be generated for you to download.

If you require nutrition analysis of your food product, sign up for a free trial of MenuSano to see how easy we’ve made it to not only generate nutrition fact labels, but also do an entire nutritional analysis of a recipe of food product.

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Need more label formats? Had to guess some of the nutritional information? Need allergen information? The full MenuSano experience provides all those and much more.

If you would prefer to have us do the work for you, we have a full Nutrition Labeling Service (link here) where you can send us your recipes, and we’ll generate the nutrition facts and generate the labels for you. 

If you want to try all of the MenuSano features today, you can sign up for a free trial, or see our pricing page for more information.

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