It’s Not Too Late for your Holiday Menus

MenuSano can help with more than just Nutritional Information

MenuSano is the fastest and easiest way to do Nutritional Analysis and generate Nutritional Fact Labels for all your recipes and dishes. But that’s not all it can do. 

A powerful suite of features can help you design and build new menus faster than ever before. Making anytime, the right time to build your holiday – or indeed any seasonal or time limited – menu. 

Restaurants, Bakeries, Caterers, and Manufacturers can all take advantage of MenuSano’s powerful features and ease of use to accelerate preparing their menus and products in this busy time. 

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Nutritional Information

With more and more guests wanting to make informed decisions, providing them with nutrition information can make a big difference.

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Recipe Experimentation

MenuSano can help alleviate supply chain and rush ordering issues for common holiday ingredients by allowing you to experiment with your recipes by substituting ingredients.

Recipe Scaling

Easily scale up and down your recipes with MenuSano. Whether you are serving a small intimate group, or a large banquet hall, you can use MenuSano to get an accurate scale of the ingredients needed.

MenuSano for Holiday Restaurant Menus

In the busy holiday season, it may be difficult to keep up with menu crafting, along with all the special parties and event menus. 

MenuSano is here to help. Create Nutrition Labels to add to all your printed and online menus, and help your guests make the best food choices for themselves, while displaying the artistry and flavors your chefs bring to the table.

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MenuSano for Holiday Catering

As the busiest time of the year for caterers and catering businesses, as well as the requests from your clients, it can be hard to keep up with everything. 

MenuSano can help. With our easy-to-use software, you can add nutritional information to your menus online, so your clients can be assured that they’re eating the very best.

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MenuSano for Holiday Bakery Cakes & Treats

The holidays are the time of year that orders come in at a rapid pace, and special treats and cakes are ordered en masse. 

Be ready for this holiday rush with MenuSano. Our easy-to-use software will make adding nutritional information to all of your delicious products fast and easy, so you can get back to baking.

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Holiday food manufacturing

MenuSano for Holiday Food Manufacturers

It’s the time of year for limited edition products and short runs of holiday treats. But getting these limited items to market quickly is essential to make them part of everyone’s holiday shopping list. 

MenuSano can help you. With our easy-to-use software you can quickly and easily get nutritional information and nutrition fact labels ready to print and add to production in just minutes, and on time for the holiday rush.

Use Promo Code KHLBPTAE to get 10% off a new subscription to MenuSano.

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