9 common cooking errors to avoid


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  • Published: 3/22/2018 12:42:04 PM


9 common cooking errors to avoid

When it comes to cooking, it can be easy to get confused and make an error that leads to a dish that doesn’t taste all that great. Here are some common cooking mistakes the people make, from overcrowded pans, recipe mistakes and more.

1: Didn’t read the recipe through before you started cooking

When you read a recipe, it’s a lot like looking at a map of directions. A lot of cooking mishaps happen when a seemingly harmless detail is overlooked, such as adding cold butter instead of room-temperature butter, which can offset an entire dish. So make sure to read all the instructions thoroughly and put in the proper consistency of ingredients.

2: Overcrowded the pan

If you cover the entire surface of a pan, you end up trapping heat and creating steam, which leads to no browning in the food, which locks in flavor and juices. The steam will make your dish undercooked and flavorless. You want to make sure that you leave enough room in the pan so that the food isn’t touching, which will evenly distribute the heat.

3: Didn’t Salt the water

By putting salt in the water before boiling pasta (or other similar bases like quinoa), you flavor the pasta when it cooks. Without the salt, you end up with bland noodles. A good way to determine how much salt is needed is about 1.5 tablespoons of salt for every pound of pasta.

4: Sautéed wet greens

The excess water on the leaves in the hot pan creates steam, which will leave the greens mushy rather than bright and tender. Also, hot oil will splatter when it gets hit with cold water, making for an unpleasant experience.

5: Cold meat in a hot pan

If you put cold meat in a hot pan, grill or oven, you will get the outside of the meat being overdone, and the inside not quite cooked just yet. Have the meat come into room temperature so that when it gets on the heat, it will cook more evenly.

6: Used dried herbs instead of fresh ones

If you ended up adding dried oregano in the place of fresh ones, then you might be making a mistake because some herbs like basil and parsley actually lose some flavor when dried, while others like oregano are more powerful in taste when dried versus fresh, which means you might end up over seasoning a dish.

7: Added garlic too early

Garlic burns easily, so it’s recommended to add them in last, especially if you are cooking minced garlic over high heat. You want to avoid the pan being scorched, and the aftertaste of burnt garlic in your dish.

8: Fried food in oil that wasn’t hot enough

When you are frying food, the food will end up absorbing too much oil and become heavy and greasy if the oil is below 350° F. It is best to use an oil with a high smoking point (the temperature at which it begins to burn).

Now that you know the common cooking mistakes, you can go out of your way to avoid them and make yourself a delicious dish next time!

9: Forgot to check calories count and nutrition analysis

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