Organic food Vs. Conventional food, Which One is Better?


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  • Author: MenuSano Team
  • Published: 4/6/2018 11:51:24 AM


The value of Organic food


When you go to the grocery store and you’re buying your vegetables and produce, you are often faced with two choices: regular or organic? It’s not the easiest question to answer, especially when organic food means different things to some people. For most, organic means it is healthier or more nutritious. For others, they think organic is tastier. For another, organic could simply mean more expensive. The answer is that, whether or not organic is better all depends on a variety of factors.

On average, organic food is more expensive than regular food, but not so expensive that the price is not justified. However, there is no denying that eating organic food has become a synonym for luxury. So, is the price really worth it? Lets explore the real value of organic food. 

Organic Food and Health

Some people assume that organic food is healthier and more nutritious but the fact is there is not much difference between organic and regular foods in terms of health. The main difference is that there are higher phosphorous and antioxidant levels in organic food, which is a good thing, but there was not so much of a difference that it justifies the expensive price.

However, while there is not much difference in the health of organic and regular food, organic farming itself boasts a lot of environmental benefits. So, people who want to buy organic food should make their decision based on their concern about pesticides, the environment, and their budget.

Organic Food and the Environment

In a way, organic food is more environmentally friendly than regular food. First off, it offers better living conditions for the animals, especially with strict regulations in place to ensure that the animals are treated humanely. Also, when farming, your chances of getting pesticide residues are much less with organic food. However, it is not the only man-made pesticides that pose a problem, but the natural toxins that plants produce. In this case, conventional food might have the advantage because organic farming does not use synthetic insecticides and herbicides which causes the organic crops to deal with more pests and weeds than conventional crops, causing them to release their own natural toxins to contend with these pests.



To make a choice between the organic food or conventional food depends on your budget, cooking style, lifestyle, and nutrition intake. Experts recommend taking all above-mentioned factors into consideration while maintaining the required nutrition intake. Technology can be helpful to guide you to make better choices when it comes to nutrition value calculation of your diet. MenuSano is one such tool. It's a web app which helps you calculate the nutritional value of your food even before cook and lets you experiment.

Visit MenuSano website today to explore how can it help you make better cooking decisions. Whether you are a restaurant chef or housewife, Menusano guides you to cook delicious food while maintaining nutrition value.

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MenuSano Nutrition Analysis Software