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MenuSano Nutrition Analysis Software

  • Author: The MenuSano Team
  • Published: 5/15/2019 3:26:23 PM

Collision in Toronto

Toronto, Ontario – May 15, 2019MenuSano is an award winning, online nutrition analysis software that allows users to obtain calorie and nutrition information on the spot. It replaces costly laboratory analysis with an innovative software solution that is a game changer for the restaurant and food service industry. MenuSano allows the food service industry to contribute to community health by providing nutrition information to their customers at the point of sale. MenuSano is a health intervention tool. Its company mission is to positively impact people’s lives with information that will guide them to healthier lifestyles.

Sonia Couto, founder of MenuSano, speaks passionately about the analysis software’s true purpose and origin:
“People care about what’s in their food. They want to be healthy and want access to information that will enable them to make healthy choices.”

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Businesses use MenuSano as a nutrition analysis software to create nutrition fact labels with optional dietary & allergen statements and ingredients lists. MenuSano’s trusted databases utilize the Canadian Nutrient File (CNF) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) as its data sources, with the option to add custom ingredients. The database contains the most commonly consumed food items within their respective populations, enabling everyone to create healthy menus for their healthy lifestyles. The choice to have a healthy option can entice customers, which benefits the food service business. Simply put, the nutritional composition of menu items have the ability to enhance the dining experience for the health-conscious consumer. MenuSano recognizes the community’s need to take back control of their health with proper diet, ingredient healthy choices, and nutrition analysis.

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MenuSano was created for the food service industry, such as grocery stores, restaurants, bakeries, food manufacturers, hospitals, and so much more. It gives people the opportunity to stay informed about the nutritional content of their food. It is flexible, convenient, accurate, and easy to use. The application also allows industry professionals to experiment and compare the nutrition profiles of every recipe cooked in real time.

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With Collision only days away, the MenuSano team are excited to showcase MenuSano and discuss its ability to revolutionize the food industry.

“Being invited to Collision is an honour and it validates what MenuSano has been trying to accomplish – to provide a tool that would allow food providers to be transparent with their clients. It’s about contributing to an ecosystem of information that will allow everyday consumers to make healthy choices when eating out. This concept really excited us.”

Find the MenuSano booth at Collision and have a chat with Sonia about how you can help your customers achieve a healthy lifestyle. She will shed some light on how MenuSano can guide your company to promote healthier food choices.

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Contact name: Sonia Couto
Organization: MenuSano
Phone Number: 416-640-2345 Ext. 200

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MenuSano Nutrition Analysis Software