Nutrition Analysis for Grocery & Retail

Increase Sales of Prepared Foods with Compliant Nutrition Labels

As prepared foods become an ever more important part of basket composition for the average shoppper, you’ll want to ensure that not only are you providing quality food, but that you are also supplying your shoppers with the information they need to make informed choices, and to keep returning

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How Prepared Foods are shaping the Grocery and Retail Industry

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of American Shoppers say that prep time is the most significant barriers to cooking a nutrition meal*
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of consumers say that they've bought prepared foods*
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of consumers say they mix homemade meals with semi- and fully prepared foods*

*according to this Progressive Grocer article 

MenuSano can help you Increase the Sales of Prepared Foods

Regardless of running a restaurant, cafe, bakery, or any other food business, you want to give your guests the ability to make the best choices for themselves. 

It is no different in Grocery and Retail settings. Giving shoppers the choice to compare the nutritional information between the products they are buying and the prepared foods on offer will help them make better choices, and increase sales of prepared foods. 

With MenuSano, you can create Nutrition Fact Labels that are ready to print for packaging and for online display, but you can also perform Nutrition Analysis in order to produce the best prepared food products.

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Get all of these MenuSano Advantages and more!

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Regulatory Alignment

MenuSano ensures that your food labels meet all essential guidelines, sparing you the daunting task of manual computation and verification

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Please your Shoppers

Ensure your Shoppers are happy and ready to make the best decisions about the products they consume. Increase your share of basket sales

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Accountability and Trust

Compliant labels aren’t just a legal necessity but a cornerstone of consumer trust. With MenuSano, you can be confident that your product is compliant and transparent, building stronger relationships with your shoppers

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