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Beat back the rising costs of food production with MenuSano, the best alternative for Nutrition Labeling Software.

Elevate your food analysis with MenuSano, the choice of forward-thinking professionals. Experience the difference of a platform that advances with you, ensuring you always stay ahead

MenuSano is the food industry’s top choice for Nutrition Analysis that offers the same core features as legacy competitors at a fraction of the price.




With the rising costs of food production, it's becoming more difficult for food manufacturers to hit their targets. It's time to look for an alternative that delivers the same core features as our legacy competitors for a much more affordable price.

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What is MenuSano?

MenuSano is a nutrition analysis software that stores your formulas securely in the cloud. Our compliant calculations satisfy FDA, CFIA, and UK requirements. Save time and go to market faster with our online nutrition analysis solution.

MenuSano is an award-winning, affordable online nutrition value calculator and food label maker tool allowing food service providers and food manufacturers to produce and download printable nutrition facts labels at 300dpi, in jpg or Vector PDF format. Make US, Canadian, and UK compliant Labels

MenuSano is an easy-to-use, food label maker tool that takes the worry, cost, and confusion out of nutrition facts labeling so you can concentrate on what you do best, creating great food products.

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It's Easy to Move to MenuSano

Bulk Import your existing Recipes and Custom Ingredients

If you have a large library of recipes you’ve cultivated over time, it may be difficult to pick up and move somewhere else.

As part of your onboarding process with MenuSano, we can import your custom ingredients and recipes, assuring that you don’t lose any data, and can hit the ground running.

In addition to that, we don’t keep your data locked down. You can export your data from MenuSano at anytime!

Don't feel Stuck with your current Nutritional Software Analysis provider

Considering your long-standing partnership with legacy competitors, we understand that transitioning away might seem challenging. We recognize the investment you’ve made in recipes, ingredients, and your legacy content. We’re aware that the transition process can be intricate.

At MenuSano, we aim to ensure a smooth and effortless transition for you. Whether you’re moving from your current solution or another provider, we handle the import of all your recipes and dishes.

With MenuSano, you can experience the freedom you deserve without the constraints of your current system, and you may find a more cost-effective alternative.

We’re here to make your shift to MenuSano as straightforward as possible.

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Switch to the nutrition analysis platform that sets new standards in precision, user experience, and customer support. With MenuSano, you’re not just getting software; you’re getting a solution that grows with your business.

Ready for a hassle-free nutrition analysis experience? MenuSano delivers precision and ease, with advanced features that save time and enhance your product development process. Step into a world of effortless analysis.

How MenuSano Works for Food Manufacturers

Start creating labels with MenuSano by inputting ingredients and their quantities into your formulas. You have the flexibility to either search our government sourced databases or have the option to add your own custom ingredients. Once you’ve added all the necessary ingredients, set the serving size and export a nutrition fact table with an ingredients list and allergen statement.

Now, you can easily access comprehensive information about the calories, macronutrients, vitamins, and minerals in your formulas. Additionally, MenuSano nutrition analysis software also empowers you to create high-resolution (300 dpi) nutrition fact labels and vector format nutrition fact tables that are ready to be added to packaging to print or to be posted online.

By harnessing the power of the food label maker tool MenuSano, you gain a distinct advantage in ease of designing products. Using our digital platform you can experiment with your formulas, to produce products that target specific nutritional profiles and help enhance your reputation and profitability.

These formulas stay safe and secure with MenuSano’s encrypted cloud storage.

It doesn’t matter if you use Recipal, Nutritics, Nutricalc, Food Label Maker, or any other competitor product. MenuSano is certain to fit your needs.

Want to see how easy MenuSano is to use? Start a 5-Day Free Trial and discover all the powerful features and simplicity that we can provide for your business. 

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MenuSano Vs. Legacy Competitor

FeatureMenuSanoLegacy Competitor
Recipe Costing
Recipe Experimentation
Specialty Nutrition Labels
Secure Cloud Storage
Custom Ingredients
Data Exports
AI Search
Vector Labels
Photo & Video Instructions



Legacy Competitor



Recipe Costing

Recipe Experimentation

Specialty Nutrition Labels

Custom Ingredients

Easy to Use

Quick & Easy Support

Secure Cloud Based

Data Exports

AI Search

Vector Labels

Photo & Video Instructions

Detailed USDA, CNF Compliant Databases & More

Create Nutrition Labels for Canada, the US, and the UK

MenuSano’s collection of reliable and government-regulated nutrition databases instills trust in the accuracy of our information. These databases consist of essential sources such as:

  • The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)
  • The Canadian Nutrient File (CNF)
  • The Public Health England’s McCance and Widdowson’s ‘composition of foods integrated dataset’

Adhering to the highest industry standards, we have meticulously crafted our product to deliver the most comprehensive and rapid results for you. Our commitment to staying current with evolving standards guarantees that our products consistently meet and exceed the required codes.

These databases are similar to other Nutritional Databases and we are always adding further items and ingredients. You can also customize your own database of frequently used ingredients.

Nutritional Database Country References

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Nutrition Analysis and Recipe Costing Software Features for Food Manufacturers

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Flexible and convenient with a user-friendly design

MenuSano computer illustration

Extensive Databases

Extensive government sourced ingredient databases of chemically analyzed foods

menusano custom ingredients illustration

Custom Ingredients

Custom ingredient database of specialty items used in recipes

Recipe Book Illustration

Recipes as an Ingredient

Add sub-recipes as an ingredient to another recipe

Create Healthier Products

Recipe experimentation capabilities to get the optimal nutritional profile for your market

nutrition fact label illustration

Many NFT Templates

Over 50 compliant nutrition labels to choose from for your products. Available as a vector PDF or jpg

Calorie Calculator illustration

Nutrient Analysis

View Calories, fats, carbohydrates, sugars, protein, sodium, and vitamins and minerals

MenuSano allergen illustration

Ingredient and Allergen Labelling

Easily add ingredients lists, allergerns, and "May Contain" statements to a NFT label

menusano keto friendly illustration

Dietary Labels

Ability to add dietary statements to labels (Vegetarian, gluten-free, etc.)