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BonBon Collections

"Sending our recipes to a nutritionist, or out to a lab and having to wait three weeks for results is time-consuming. By the time I’d get a recipe back, it wouldn’t be apple season anymore. And it’s not only that I’m doing seasonal recipes, but I am also constantly changing my recipes in general to improve them. Every time an ingredient was changed, or even the amount of it being used changed, I would have another expense. Instead of using timely and costly methods to provide consumers with our product’s information, we use MenuSano, a web-based nutritional calculator. It has made this journey easier for me".
Thao Nguyen, BonBon Collections


“MenuSano allows us to calculate our recipes with accuracy and instantly, it checks potential variations in the recipe. For instance, if we notice one item in development might be slightly higher in calories, salt, or other factors than we would like, we can make the necessary changes. Since we’re often making food and ingredients from scratch, we can specify custom ingredients with MenuSano. This has allowed us to provide much more accurate information in our food items”.
Kevin Harbison, Bridgehead's Customer and Community Representative

Windmill Bakery

“MenuSano makes it easy to adjust recipes. Seeing all of the nutritional information on paper is very helpful, and it inspired us to create some new menu items. We love the menu we have now, but we thought it would be nice to introduce some new items that might be beneficial at this time, both health-wise and trend-wise,” says Grace. "The one thing we were surprised to find out is how much sodium our recipes contain. We thought we used minimal salt but Menusano helped us discover that some of our recipes contained a surprising amount, which made us change some of our recipes”.
Grace Willows, Owner

Our Nutritional Labelling Software

MenuSano is a leading nutrition value calculator software that helps restaurants, bakeries, hospitals, food manufacturers, grocery stores, and other foodservice businesses calculate and analyze nutritional values for their food. With MenuSano, foodservice businesses can also perform recipe analysis, virtual experimentation, government-compliant labelling, and so much more. We recognized the need for nutrition labelling that's mandated by the government and we're happy to provide this to you and your customers.

For restaurants, MenuSano makes it easy to create nutritional labels by providing the nutritional composition of select menu items. This provides customers with an informed and enhanced dining experience.

Foodservice businesses can use our food labelling software to input ingredients that make up a meal to produce a menu. Nutrition labels can also be printed and inserted into an existing menu or placed on the packaging of a food item. The customer benefits as they have a choice to select a healthy item. This garners positive results, as the foodservice business attracts health-conscious customers who enjoy taking advantage of our diet analysis software.

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