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Hospital Nutrition Software for Prescription Diets

Hospitals aren’t just feeding people; they’re part of the healing process. With MenuSano, you can craft prescription diets for hospitals with precise nutritional parameters, ensuring each patient gets what they need for recovery.

Menu Labelling Software for Hospitals

MenuSano goes beyond nutrition analysis. It provides menu labelling software for hospitals, allowing you to present clear and informative nutrition labels for patient meals, promoting transparency and informed food choices.

Safety Measures for Immunocompromised Patients

Protect those most at risk with our allergen flagging and micronutrient tracking features. Ensure that meals are nutritious and safe for consumption by patients with compromised immune systems.

Enhancing Hospital Food Services

In addition to precise nutrition analysis and labelling, MenuSano enhances hospital food services by ensuring that meals are not only nutritious but also cater to the diverse dietary needs of patients, staff, and visitors.

Hospital Patients

For Patients

  • Nutritious options that will contribute to a faster, more complete recovery
  • Variety of options during extended stays
  • Nutritious meals help patients be more positive during their stay. Especially if they know the staff is paying attention to what they are serving
Hospital Staff

For Staff

  • Nutritious, fulfilling options during long shifts
  • Quick, healthy, affordable snacks during small breaks during the day/night
  • The mindset that their supervisors care about their health based on what they are feeding them

Hospital Visitor

For Visitors

  • Healthy snacks that can be purchased and eaten quickly in between patient tests, surgeries, etc.
  • It allows them to spend more time with loved ones without worrying about ordering food or going to pick food up
  • It comforts them, knowing that the hospital is considering what they serve patients

Empowering Healthier Choices in Stressful Times

Even the most health-conscious people can make less healthy decisions when tired, stressed, and worried—common states of mind for staff, patients, and visitors in hospital settings. When someone wants to grab a quick snack between their loved one’s medical procedures, they often pick the fastest, unhealthy option. Nutrition, at this time, isn’t always top-of-mind. However, it should always be available.

That’s why MenuSano provides healthy eating options in healthcare settings, empowering consumers to understand the content of their food and make healthier eating choices for themselves.

In a world where every meal counts toward patient care, MenuSano makes it easier for hospitals to offer optimal nutrition without compromising taste or breaking the bank. Reach out for a demo today.

Healthcare Nutritional Analysis Calculator

Customer Success Stories

Champlain Hospitals

Champlain Hospitals uses MenuSano to help visitors, patients, and staff to make healthier choices from their food menus.

Champlain Hospitals Mango Salad

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