Nutrition Software for Hospitals

Nutrition Software for Hospitals

MenuSano nutrition analysis software allows food providers within hospitals to display nutrition information to customers at the point of sale.

With MenuSano, hospitals are able to demonstrate the importance of nutrition to its staff, patients, and visitors.

Healthcare Nutritional Analysis Calculator

Healthy Eating in Healthcare Settings

MenuSano provides healthy eating options in healthcare settings. Furthermore, MenuSano empowers consumers to understand the content of their food and make healthier eating choices for themselves.

Even the most health-conscious people can make less healthy decisions when they’re tired, stressed, and worried. These are common states of mind for staff, patients, and visitors in hospital settings. When someone wants to grab a quick snack in between their loved one is getting medical procedures, they often pick the fastest option, which is usually the unhealthy one. Nutrition, at this time, isn’t always top-of-mind. However, it should always be available.

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Benefits of Using MenuSano in Your Hospital or Health Care Setting

Hospital Patients

For Patients

  • Nutritious options that will contribute to a faster, more complete recovery
  • Variety of options during long stays
  • Nutritious meals help patients be more positive during their stay. Especially if they know the staff is paying attention to what they are serving
Hospital Staff

For Staff

  • Nutritious, fulfilling options during long shifts
  • Quick, healthy, affordable snacks during small breaks during the day/night
  • The mindset that their supervisors care about their health based on what they are feeding them

Hospital Visitor

For Visitors

  • Healthy snacks that can be purchased and eaten quickly in between patient tests, surgeries, etc.
  • It allows them to spend more time with loved ones without worrying about ordering food or going to pick food up
  • Provides comfort to them knowing that the hospital is thinking about what they are serving patients

Easy-To-Use Nutrition Analysis Software

You simply input each ingredient you use into the software and generate a nutritional analysis for the recipe.

MenuSano is an easy-to-use nutrition analysis software.

We understand that the hospital business is dynamic with many facets. As public health authorities, having a tool that informs customers of all nutrition information at the point of sale is critical.

We even made the process of nutrition analysis easy!


Find ingredients from MenuSano’s government-sourced extensive databases, or add custom ingredients.


Additionally, you can combine multiple recipes into a dish and view the nutrition composition of the dish.


A nutrition fact label can be downloaded and printed, or you can provide specific information such as calories on your menus.

These results allow you to understand and control what you are serving hospital staff, patients, and visitors. Furthermore, it gives them the opportunity to make healthier choices for themselves.

You only need your login details, a device, and the internet to get to work. In addition, all of your vendors can access the account easily as long as they have this information readily available.

Allergen & Dietary Statements

MenuSano can highlight dietary requirements, such as vegan or gluten-free.

Allergen statements are also available within the software to apply to labels.

Dietary Statements

Our Trusted Databases

Our software uses trusted databases provided by the USDA, Canadian Nutrient File, and Public Health England’s CoFID.

MenuSano nutrition analysis software was designed with regulations in mind for nutrition labelling. We work hard to ensure that our product is consistently up to code.

Nutritional Database Country References

Customer Success Stories

Champlain Hospitals

Champlain Hospitals uses MenuSano to help visitors, patients, and staff to make healthier choices from their food menus.

Champlain Hospitals Mango Salad

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