Nutrition Analysis Software for Catering

Transforming Catering Through Nutritional Excellence

MenuSano takes the complexity out of nutritional analysis and labelling in the catering business, where customization is vital. Our robust software is engineered to meet the unique needs of food caterers, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional culinary experiences while ensuring compliance with nutritional regulations. 

In catering, each event is a unique experience. MenuSano’s platform is designed to adapt to the variable demands of the catering industry.

How MenuSano Helps Catering Businesses

MenuSano offers a suite of features and services designed to meet catering companies’ unique needs. Here’s how:
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Nutritional Analysis for Caterers

Catering companies often serve a diverse clientele with specific dietary needs and restrictions. MenuSano’s real-time nutritional analysis enables caterers to quickly and accurately analyze the nutritional content of their dishes, allowing for customization that can cater to various dietary requirements.
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Compliance and Labeling

Ensuring that your catering business complies with food labelling regulations is crucial. MenuSano’s custom labelling assistance helps you generate nutrition labels compliant with local and international regulations.
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Recipe Costing for Caterers

Budgeting is often a complex task in catering due to fluctuating ingredient costs and serving sizes. MenuSano’s recipe costing tool helps you determine the cost per serving of your dishes, assisting in more precise budgeting and pricing strategies.
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Recipe Management & Storage

Keep all your catering recipes organized and secure in MenuSano’s cloud-based platform. Enables quick and easy access to any recipe and its nutritional information and cost, facilitating smoother operations and planning.
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Flexibility & Scalability

Catering events can range from small gatherings to large corporate events. MenuSano allows for easy scaling of recipes, helping you adjust ingredient quantities while maintaining nutritional accuracy.

Client Engagement

In today’s health-conscious world, clients appreciate transparency. MenuSano enables you to offer comprehensive nutritional information about your menu options, adding an extra layer of service and professionalism that can set you apart from competitors.
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Data Security

MenuSano understands the need to secure your proprietary recipes and other business-sensitive information. Only authorized users can access your stored data, offering you peace of mind.

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