Nutrition Analysis Software for Culinary Schools

Nutrition Analysis Software for Culinary Schools

Students learning the ins and outs of nutrition analysis and utilizing it in their culinary careers is the cornerstone of any educational food-centered program.MenuSano is an online nutrition analysis and recipe costing software that will accurately estimate the number of calories, their cost, and nutritional information in food items and their cost.
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It is an affordable online product that has been designed for flexibility and ease of use for the culinary arts. MenuSano’s development started over 10 years ago, and it has been tested with various industries such as restaurants, public health departments, and hospitals.

At Menusano, we encourage schools to give their students the best tools to complete and improve upon their knowledge. Make it easier for your students by utilizing the latest and most intuitive software available for the quickest results and speedy learning.

Nutrition Database

What Can Menusano Be Used For?

MenuSano’s nutrition analysis software allows foodservice providers in the culinary industry to analyze their assets in a new and easy way, learning the highly detailed art of nutrition analysis.

An incredibly useful tool for school programs, Menusano can help in areas such as daily cafeteria offerings, planned meals, after-school snacks, vending and machine options; anything that requires exact proportions, measurements, and nutrition labels.

Culinary students branch into different roles. Menusano helps supplement their curriculum in the field of elementary and secondary school nutrition and health care nutrition.

Students that wish to start their own businesses or large corporations in need of easier and more detailed nutrition analysis all need good software. All food-related culinary school paths can benefit from the software MenuSano provides.

Nutrition Analysis Calculator For Restaurants

Combine Culinary Techniques with Nutrition Software

Calculating nutrition by hand on paper or with calculators is obsolete.

With Menusano’s smart technology, your students will have the answers they seek within seconds. We make upkeep your food information easy and accessible, and the learning of nutritional analysis less daunting and more fit to work with today’s streamlined, busy work-school-life balance.

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MenuSano's Trusted Nutrition Database

MenuSano uses government-regulated nutritional databases including the Canadian Nutrient File, USDA, and Public Health England’s McCance and Widdowson’s “The Composition of Foods.” Combined, these databases include an extensive number of food items. Any ingredients not found in these databases can also be added as a custom ingredient simply by using the nutrition label on the packaging.

Incorporate Menusano’s nutrition software into your course to give students the best chance they can get to understand, learn, and develop their own understanding of how software can be an incredible asset to their culinary careers.

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Simply Manage Nutrition in Class

Classes and certificates will benefit the most from MenuSano as you incorporate the software into courses, training programs, and manuals to get students acclimated to and working with the information quickly and accurately.

With our help, managing a food service department, creating school food plans, hospital and clinic diets and programs, or simply opening a new business will become less challenging, allowing your graduates to concentrate on the things they love and are passionate about.

MenuSano was designed in the kitchen alongside chefs, making it an ideal nutrition calculator for the foodservice industry. MenuSano is used in restaurants, bakeries, pizzerias, hospitals, and public health departments all over the globe.

Here’s a glimpse of what your students can do with MenuSano:


Nutrition Analysis

Enter ingredients and their quantities that make up a recipe to instantly see the nutritional composition. It is also possible to combine recipes into a dish to see its nutrition.

Recipe Experimentation

Recipe Experimentation

Virtually experiment with recipe ingredients to to change the nutrition outcome. This is a great feature when designing recipes for specialty diets.

Nutrition Fact Label

Nutrition Fact Labels

Generate compliant nutrition fact labels to be placed on a product or menu.

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