Nutrition Analysis Software for Culinary Schools Education Programs

In an era where nutritional consciousness is not just a trend but a lifestyle, MenuSano stands at the intersection of culinary arts and nutritional science.

We’re committed to enriching the educational journey of the next wave of chefs, dieticians, and food entrepreneurs. 

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Nutrition Database

Accelerate Learning with Cutting-Edge Tools

Why stick to outdated methods when you can give your students the best?

An intuitive, user-friendly software brings the complex art of nutrition analysis into the modern age, making it accessible and understandable for all.

Calculate nutritional values with just a few clicks with MenuSano.

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Holistic Approach to Culinary Education

Whether your students aim to specialize in elementary school nutrition, healthcare catering, or launching their food businesses, MenuSano’s platform offers applicable, real-world insights. It complements traditional culinary education with crucial skills needed in today’s health-conscious world.
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Dietary Guidelines Compliance Tool

MenuSano isn’t just for the classroom; it’s a robust tool with applications across the spectrum of food services in educational settings. This includes daily cafeteria menus, specialized meal programs, after-school snacks, and even vending machine options. Precise nutritional analysis and labelling make compliance with dietary guidelines straightforward.
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Empower Future Entrepreneurs

Culinary students who wish to enter the competitive food industry need every advantage. MenuSano is a trusted companion, offering accurate recipe costing and nutritional information, two key elements for any successful food venture.

Accelerate Learning with Cutting-Edge Tools

We understand the pressures of balancing work, school, and life. That’s why MenuSano’s cloud-based platform is designed to make learning nutritional analysis for culinary students as efficient as possible. With instant results and easily accessible data, students can focus on what’s important: mastering the culinary arts while integrating essential nutritional knowledge.

We aim to create a seamless educational experience that doesn’t just end after graduation. With MenuSano, your students are not just learning but preparing for a brighter, healthier future for themselves and their communities.

Our Features


Nutrition Analysis Software

An easy-to-use nutrition analysis software saving costs on lab testing and consulting fees.


Nutrition Fact Labels

Save thousands in label fees with an in-house nutrition label creation system.


Recipe Costing Software

Save time and ensure profitability with MenuSano's recipe costing tool.


Recipe Experimentation

Experiment and see the nutritional value of your dishes as you get creative in your kitchen.

Our Services


We Do it For You

We'll generate compliant labels so you can focus on what matters. Save time and let us do it for you!


Lab Analysis Service

Laboratory testing for food items through our lab partners. Get nutrition testing, labels, and much more!


Food Service Inspections

MenuSano has partnered with Field Eagle to help businesses like you navigate food inspections effortlessly.

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