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Bring nutrition analysis in-house with an easy-to-use and cost-effective nutrition calculator. Create and download nutrition fact labels, conduct recipe costing, and much more!

Who is MenuSano For?

Food Services

Restaurants, Catering, Pizzarias, Meal Kits, and more use MenuSano to analyse their recipes and even provide nutritional provide information to customers. They can also download nutrition facts for products or display on a website.

Food Manufacturing

Save thousands in lab and consulting fees by bringing nutrition analysis in house. With MenuSano, create compliant nutrition fact labels, store recipes securely in the cloud and conduct virtual recipe experimentation.


Conduct a nutrition analysis of recipes and dishes for clients. Experiment with recipes virtually to create the optimum nutritional profile for specialized dietary needs.


Inspire the next generation of culinary students to create healthy dishes that satisfy customers. School meal programs benefit from MenuSano to ensure nutritional standards are met.

How It Works

Step 1: Add Ingredients to a recipe

Find ingredients from MenuSano’s government-sourced extensive databases, or add custom ingredients. The nutrition calculator will instantly update as new ingredients are removed and quantities changed.

STEP 2: Generate a nutrition fact label

Generate a nutrition fact label to download as a high resolution (300 dpi) image. Add an ingredients list and allergen statement to the label if needed.

Fall In Love With These Other Features

Recipe Costing

Recipe Costing

Optimize menu costs & save time with Recipe Costing Software. MenuSano’s Recipe Costing add-on module provides the right insights to inform a menu engineering strategy.

Recipe Experimentation

Recipe Experimentation

Experiment with new recipes and see the nutritional value of your dishes as you get creative in your kitchen. MenuSano allows you to create recipes by targeting ingredients, calorie counts, and more!

Secure Cloud Storage

Secure Cloud Storage

With MenuSano, your recipes and dishes will be stored securely on the cloud, keeping them safe from prying eyes and allowing for a safe off-site backup in case of accidents.

Export Data

Data Exports

Don't feel like you're stuck! With MenuSano you can export your recipes, dishes, custom ingredients and pricing and then import them into an excel sheet or other inventory or tracking software.

Nutrition Calculator

Use MenuSano's Nutrition Calculator feature to get the full nutritional information of all your dishes and recipes. And even experiment with new recipes that hit particular nutritional and caloric goals.

4-4-9 Method

Choose to calculate your recipes using the traditional method, or use the 4-4-9 method.


Recipe Management

Keep track of all your recipes with MenuSano. From the old classics passed down the family line, to the new formulations created to cater to specific dietary needs, they'll all be available and organized for you.

AI Smart Search

Smart Searches

Use one ingredient very often? Or create similar recipes? MenuSano's powerful AI will make your searches faster and easier every single time. Create new recipes faster than ever before.

Chef Hat

Easy to use interface

Creating recipes, searching ingredients, organizing your suppliers, getting pricing info and generating your nutrition labels is faster than ever and takes only a few clicks with MenuSano!

Nutrition Fact Label

Specialty Nutrition Fact Labels

While most Nutrition Fact Labels are standardized, there are some that don't fit the mold: MenuSano allows you to create Cannabis labels, Keto diet labels, Bilingual labels, and more are being added every day!


Vector Labels

With MenuSano you can export your Nutrition Labels in a scalable vector format that will be pixel perfect no matter what size you choose for them: On physical packaging or digital display of any size!

Photo & Video Instruction

You can add photo and video instructions to your recipes to make it easier for anyone on staff to recreate your delicious dishes as needed.

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Customer Success Stories

Township 27 Inc

Township 27 Inc.

Township 27 Inc. leverages
MenuSano’s nutrition fact labels to expand their business.

Keto Food Co.

Keto Food Co.

Keto Food Co. saves valuable time with MenuSano’s Recipe Costing module.

Bonbon Collections

BonBon Collections.

BonBon Collections turns to MenuSano better serve their food-restricted customers.

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