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MenuSano: Your Trusted Partner in Pet Food Nutrition

Why Nutritional Analysis Matters in Pet Care

As pet owners increasingly view their furry companions as family members, the demand for high-quality pet nutrition has never been greater.

Consumers are looking for transparent, healthy, customized pet options, just as they are for themselves. In such a landscape, pet care manufacturers must stay ahead of the game, and MenuSano is here to assist.

Precision Matters

Comprehensive Nutritional Analysis for Pets

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Optimal Nutrient Balance

MenuSano helps you analyze and balance essential nutrients in pet food, such as protein, fat, fibre, and essential vitamins and minerals, tailored to different species, breeds, and health conditions
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Allergen Alert

Many pets suffer from food allergies. MenuSano’s software can identify potential allergens, helping you label your products more effectively


Building Trust through Labels

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Transparent and Informative Labels

Use MenuSano’s platform to generate clear, easy-to-read pet nutrition labels that instill consumer confidence and allow pet owners to make educated choice
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Caloric Count

With obesity in pets rising, caloric information is vital. MenuSano provides accurate caloric content, helping owners manage their pets’ weight effectively

Regulatory Compliance

More Than Just a Requirement

Nutritional labelling isn’t just a nice-to-have; it’s a requirement for pet food manufacturers in North America.
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Regulatory Alignment

MenuSano ensures that your pet food labels meet all essential guidelines, sparing you the daunting task of manual computation and verification
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Global Standards

Our platform is equipped to ensure compliance with international standards, serving clients globally
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Accountability and Trust

Compliant labels aren’t just a legal necessity but a cornerstone of consumer trust. With MenuSano, you can be confident that your product is compliant and transparent, building stronger relationships with pet owners who care deeply about their animals’ health

Empower Your Pet Food Analysis with MenuSano

When it comes to ensuring the nutritional quality and safety of your pet food products, MenuSano is your trusted partner in pet food analysis. Our advanced software provides accurate and reliable results, helping you meet regulatory requirements and satisfy the demands of discerning pet owners.

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