Nutrition Analysis Software for Public Schools

Nutrition Analysis Software for Public Schools

Teaching nutrition to children creates lifelong healthy eating habits that can prevent obesity later in life.  Furthermore, learning nutrition in the classroom creates a better understanding of literacy, numeracy, science, social studies and culture.

Teaching Nutrition

Nutrition Analysis for the Classroom

Teaching school-aged youth about nutrition lays the foundation for healthy eating later in life. It teaches students about health sciences and empowers them to make healthy eating choices for themselves. The benefits go even further – learning about nutrition can deepen a student’s knowledge of literacy, numeracy, and science.

Menusano offers a program for publicly funded schools that are teaching nutrition as part of their curriculum to use our nutrition analysis software at a reduced rate.

Our mission is to improve public health through better nutrition when eating out of the home. Therefore, supporting youth to learn about healthy eating in schools aligns well with our mission.

If you are a publicly-funded school, please fill out our form to apply for our Public School Nutrition Education Program.

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