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MenuSano Nutrition Analysis Software

MenuSano is a nutritional analysis software that allows you to experiment with new recipes while being able to see the nutritional value of your dishes as you get creative in your kitchen. Use MenuSano's recipe costing module to experiment with recipe costs and identify the maximum profit margin for each recipe.

The restaurant and foodservice industry is competitive and continuously evolving with the introduction of new ingredients, trends, and methods of creating and serving food to customers. As restaurant owners and industry leaders, you know firsthand how difficult it can be to keep up with these trends while being creative and trying to differentiate your menu’s offerings from the thousands of others out there. MenuSano is a solution that can help you solve this problem.

If you are creating dishes for specific dietary needs, or simply want to make a recipe healthier, MenuSano gives you the freedom to do so. Here are some ways it accomplishes this:

  • Comprehensive nutrition labels with important nutrition information accounted for (calories, carbohydrates, fats, etc.).
  • It allows you to customize dishes by substituting any ingredient you would like.
  • Eliminates the necessity to send dishes out for third-party testing. You can see how substituting healthy ingredients impacts your dishes right in your kitchen.

MenuSano software can help you do this efficiently and cost-effectively through our nutrition analysis and recipe experimentation options.

New Additions to Your Menu

Nutrition Analysis Software - MenuSano

With MenuSano, you can test out new ideas and recipes without the worry of extra cost. Recipes can also be organized into categories created by the user. You can continuously add new items to the menu, which will show your customers that you are keeping up with the latest trends and are making an effort to make your food and restaurant better and more geared towards customer needs.

MenuSano operates on this customer-centric mindset, and we believe that taking the time to use this software to its fullest capacity will not only help you retain customers but attract new ones as well.

Manage Calories in Established Products

Through MenuSano, you will be made aware of just how many calories are in your dishes because of our extensive database that allows for nutritional analysis. You can analyze your current, existing recipes, dishes and food products. You can also identify the ingredients that will make your dishes healthier through experimentation.

As you determine which substitutions you should include on your menu to make your dishes healthier, MenuSano will allow you to immediately see the nutritional benefits.

By using the MenuSano software, you will be able to see how these substitute ingredients are impacting the nutritional value of the dish. From there, you can determine whether or not the substitution is worth it.

Calorie Management and Experimentation - Menu Sano

Compliant Data & Easy to Read Nutritional Fact Label

Canadian, FDA, UK Easy to Read Nutritional Fact Labels

MenuSano's nutritional software is an online nutrition calculator that provides an affordable, flexible, user-friendly solution that your business can use to calculate the nutritional content of all your current and future products. It was also designed to be compliant and to align with the standards set by the Canadian, US, and UK governing bodies. It is continuously updated to maintain its compliant status.

  • Our nutrition label templates are in CFIA, FDA, and UK formats
  • MenuSano uses the FDA, Canadian, and UK PHE databases
  • Ability to add dietary statements to labels such as Gluten-Free, Vegan, Nut-free, and many more!
  • Option to add your ingredients list (unilingual and bilingual formats) to labels

Recipe Cost Experimentation

With MenuSano's Recipe Costing module, create "what if" type scenarios to calculate the cost of different versions of a recipe. Use the same recipe and swap out different ingredient costs from different suppliers to identify the maximum profit margin for each recipe.

Recipe Costing Core Features:
  • Auto Calculate Recipe Costs
  • Track ingredient costs and suppliers
  • Bulk import ingredient costs
  • Export Ingredient and Recipe costs for easy reporting
Recipe Costing Software

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MenuSano was designed in the kitchen alongside chefs, making it an ideal nutrition calculator for the foodservice industry. MenuSano is used in restaurants, bakeries, pizzerias, hospitals, and public health departments.

  • Its design is flexible, user-friendly and convenient
  • The information is accurate
  • The database of ingredients is extensive
  • Recipe experimentation capabilities
  • Ingredient Search AI (machine learning), resulting in faster search results   
  • Compliant with FDA, CFIA and UK nutrition labelling regulations


MenuSano Nutrition Analysis Software