Lab Analysis Service

Lab Analysis Service

In addition to online nutrition analysis, MenuSano offers laboratory testing for food items through our lab partners. Our lab services offer nutrition testing, a nutrition facts table in PDF and EPS format, and a Nutrition Fact Table review service to review fact label format, ingredients, allergen and dietary claims, and more.

Lab Analysis MenuSano

Available Lab Services

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Nutrition Testing

Full testing of nutrition and caloric content of dishes and food products to use for display or retail sale.

Nutrition Fact Label

Nutrition Fact Labels

A design of the Standard Nutrition Fact Table in PDF and EPS Format

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Product Label Review

A visual inspection of a nutrition fact label to check the primary display area, NFT, ingredients, claims, imported by, and more.

Additional Services

  • Anti-Nutrient Testing
  • Amino Acid Testing
  • Authenticity
  • Carbohydrate Testing
  • Enzyme Testing
  • Fatty Acid Testing
  • Shelf-Life Testing
  • Fats and Oils Testing
  • Trace Elemental Analysis
  • Nutrition Labeling Testing | NLEA
  • Preservatives and Antioxidant Testing
  • Shelf Life Testing
  • Vitamin Testing
  • Food Allergen Testing

See the chart below for a breakdown of the difference between the Theoretical Analysis service from at MenuSano, and the Lab Analysis performed by our Lab Partner.

DifferencesTheoretical Analysis (MenuSano)Lab Analysis (Lab Partner)
CostLower Cost, all recipes and dishes can be analyzed with one subscription.Higher Cost, including food storage and shipping charges for each dish and recipe.
Required StepsOnly 2 steps needed: Enter all your Ingredients and create your Recipes. MenuSano will do all the rest. Several steps needed: Prepare recipe, package and prep recipe for shipping, ship the package to the lab, wait for processing and get full analysis back, then generate and print Nutrition Labels.
Time RequiredA few minutesA few weeks
Food Product FitFits most food products and recipes.Fits all food products and recipes.
Analysis AccuracyDatabase matching is accurate and an accepted method of analysis by the FDA, CFIA, and UK regulatory bodies.Lab analysis is accurate and an accepted method of analysis by the FDA, CFIA, and UK regulatory bodies.

Lab Analysis Service Pricing

Lab Analysis Service



*Extra charges will apply for other nutrition amounts.

** Shelf Life Testing starts at an additional $225 per item.




What's the Difference?

MenuSano uses Theoretical Analysis: By using pre-established databases of food items that have been previously analyzed, the user can gather the nutritional information of your recipes and food products. As always, MenuSano makes it easy to do this by doing all the necessary calculations, taking into account preparation methods and providing nutritional information per portion size. MenuSano is quick, easy, and affordable. 

A Laboratory uses Lab Analysis: A portion of a dish, recipe, or food product is shipped out to a Lab where multiple tests are run to determine caloric content, as well as the full nutritional information. While this does create an accurate nutritional panel, there are extra steps and costs involved with Lab Analysis. It also generates a specific nutritional label for a full recipe, and not for each of the ingredients.

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