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Nutrition analysis by MenuSano gives you the opportunity to inform your customers about the nutritional content of your food. The Ontario Healthy Menu Choices Act now stipulates that many food service providers must include nutrition data. There is also compelling research to prove that food service providers that display nutrition information outperform their competitors that don’t.

MenuSano software is designed with food service producers in mind and terms of compliance as well as allowing them to grow and manage their businesses.

Since MenuSano was originally developed, it has become trusted by a range of restaurants, bakeries, hospitals, and public service departments. It has also picked up several awards from industry and regulatory bodies. When you provide nutrition information, you give customers a choice and accountability, and in doing so, you improve customer satisfaction. Customers can trust and rely on food service providers that prepare consistent meals with informed nutrition data.

Flexibility and Convenience

Convienience of Creating Nutritional Labels

MenuSano is incredibly easy to use. It’s just a case of logging into your account so you can use the software virtually anywhere anytime. You need your login detail, the internet, and a device. Because the software is so easy to use, you’ll find that you can quickly add the ingredients for your dishes and have nutrition labels ready to print in less than five minutes. All your recipes are stored for you to use again and print out at a later date. It’s just a case of pressing a button to export your data and print out labels as per the Canadian Food Inspection Agency standards. The labels are also prepared in a bilingual format for Canadian customers and ready to print in both French and English.

You’ll find that the software is secure so your all your secret recipes will remain so. MenuSano offers an exceptionally affordable option method of providing nutrition information that incorporates an exciting range of features. New features include costing per portion analysis designed to save you both time and money when calculating the costs of new and current dishes on your menu.

Easy-to-Use Nutrition Analysis Software

The software is so easy to use that you’ll be able to calculate the nutritional content of your products within minutes and have labels ready to print out. All you need to do is type in the ingredient. You then pick the correct choice from the extensive library provided by MenuSano, for example, if you were to type in mayonnaise, you could choose a variety from a list including low-fat or regular options. Then input the correct quantity also from a list ranging from a dash or a teaspoon to an ounce or a whole typical ingredient, in the case of fruits and vegetables.

Type in quantity, such as “3 tomatoes" and the ingredient is added. When all the ingredients in the recipe are inputted, your nutrition information is complete. It’s stored in your account, and you can easily export and print the label or store to use as a component of a meal. For example, your tomato sauce might be a component for your Spaghetti Pomodoro, which also comprises pasta and a garlic bread portion.

Nutrition Analysis Software

Accurate Nutrition Analysis Information

USDA Nutrition Analysis Software

Canadian Nutrient File Nutrition Analysis Software

MenuSano is an online method of calculating the nutrition content of food known as theoretical analysis. Instead of performing tests on the menu in a laboratory, the theoretical analysis uses an already compiled set of data from previously tested ingredients. The MenuSano library of ingredients contains 200,000 ingredients from Health Canada and the USDA. This means that whatever recipe you create there’s virtually every possible ingredient in the MenuSano database already stored. In the unlikely event the ingredient is not stored in the vast library, then you can go ahead and add the ingredient to your recipe using the easy-to-use feature.

Because theoretical analysis relies on already compiled nutritional information about ingredients, it’s incredibly accurate. It’s considered more accurate than laboratory analysis which tests dishes that have been prepared there and then. Because naturally occurring foods vary in their nutritional makeup throughout the year, then your meals will also change throughout the year when they are prepared with fruits and vegetables. The theoretical analysis uses mean data compiled from testing natural foods from season to season to provide greater accuracy throughout the whole of the year.

Recipe Experimentation

MenuSano allows your chefs to experiment to create great tasting products with nutritional profiles that your customers are looking for. When you first start using MenuSano software, you may be surprised about how healthy your dishes are. You may find that the levels of sodium or fat are higher than you anticipated.

Once you have the data in hand, you can start experimenting with levels of fat, sugar, and salt. Great tasting food with an attractive and healthy nutrition profile rarely arises through serendipity. With some time, though, research and experimentation you’ll be able to create an inspired menu with delicious dishes that health-conscious customers won’t be able to resist.

MenuSano’s gives you the ability to taste test and compare nutrition profiles of each dish in real time. It also gives you an exciting flair to expand your range and cater to all kinds of customers including those following low sodium and low-fat diets or who have food intolerances and allergies.

Recipe Experimentation


MenuSano Nutrition Analysis Software