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Optimize menu costs & save time with Recipe Costing Software. MenuSano’s Recipe Costing add-on module provides the right insights to inform a menu engineering strategy.

Recipe Costing

Save Time and Ensure Profitability with MenuSano’s Recipe Costing Tool

Knowing exactly how much is spent on each dish is helpful to track profit margins and determine appropriate selling prices. Recipe Costing Software takes the guessing out of the equation with easy, quick, automated, and viewable cost per recipe details.

You can take this further with Recipe Scaling. MenuSano will do all the calculations you need to scale up or down your recipes as needed, so you can get accurate recipe amounts and costs.

Have peace of mind with Recipe Costing’s turnkey solution to better manage costs and maximize ROI.

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Recipe Costing Features

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Experiment with the recipe cost by swapping out different ingredient costs to get the desired outcome.

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Auto Calculate

MenuSano will automatically calculate the cost of the batch and yield of each recipe. Say good-bye to costing in Excel sheets.

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Track Costs

Track all recipe costing in MenuSano which can be retrieved at any time, compared, analyzed and adjusted.

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Track Ingredient Costs

View all ingredients and associated costs in a complete list to determine which ingredients need to be changed to lower cost.

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Each ingredient cost is linked to a supplier which makes it easier to retrieve and compare costs.

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Export Costs

Export all recipe and ingredient costs to facilitate reporting.

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Nutrition Analysis

Match ingredients from the costing module to ingredients listed in the database for the nutritional content of the recipe.

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Nutrition Fact Labels & Allergens

When recipes are finalized, MenuSano offers a nutrition facts labels that include important allergen information.

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Bulk Import Ingredients

Simplify uploading ingredients by adding all ingredients and their cost at once from an Excel file.

Recipe Costing Benefits

Save Time

Save Time Everyday

Digital automation eliminates manual time-consuming calculations so you can focus on growing your business.
Increase Cost

Increase Profitability

Effectively manage food costs to ensure a maximized profit margin for each recipe.

Customer Success Stories

Keto Food Co.

Keto Food Co. saved hundreds of hours by using MenuSano’s recipe costing software over Excel spreadsheets.

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Additional Features


Nutrition Analysis Software

An easy-to-use nutrition analysis software saving costs on lab testing and consulting fees.


Nutrition Fact Labels

Save thousands in label fees with an in-house nutrition label creation system.


Recipe Experimentation

Experiment and see the nutritional value of your dishes as you get creative in your kitchen.

Businesses Across Industries Trust MenuSano

Top Trends in Nutrition Labeling for 2024

Food Manufacturers

Specialized solutions for food manufacturers covering everything from nutritional analysis to compliance and labelling.



Restaurants can use MenuSano to get real-time and accurate nutritional analysis, as well as generate nutrition facts labels.



Cannabis businesses can easily navigate the intricate rules of product labelling and generate compliant nutrition facts labels by simply using MenuSano.

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Our software is engineered to meet the unique needs of food caterers allowing them to focus on delivering exceptional culinary experiences.


Meal Kits

All-in-one solution for meal kits nutrition analysis, labelling, and compliance.


Food Processors

MenuSano can integrate with supply chain management systems, facilitating real-time updates on ingredient availability, pricing, and nutritional information.



Eliminate complex calculations and estimations. Our Bakery Nutrition Label Menu provides precise, real-time nutritional information customized to your recipes, covering everything from calories to allergens.



Promote healthier choices by generating informative compliant nutrition facts labels. Meals can also be catered to the diverse dietary needs of patients, staff, and visitors.


Culinary Schools

MenuSano is committed to enriching the educational journey of the next wave of chefs, dieticians, and food entrepreneurs.


School Education

Recognizing the vital role schools play in shaping future generations, MenuSano grants you access to our top-notch nutrition analysis software at a special reduced rate if teaching nutrition is part of the curriculum. 


School Meal Programs

An easy-to-use comprehensive solution to nutritional analysis, empowering schools to deliver healthier, well-balanced meals for our future leaders.


Pet Food

MenuSano helps you analyze and balance essential nutrients in pet food, such as protein, fat, fibre, and essential vitamins and minerals, tailored to different species, breeds, and health conditions.


Retirement Homes

Discover how MenuSano can enhance the nutritional well-being of your residents and set your retirement home apart.

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