Nutrition Fact Labels for Food Manufacturing

Choosing the right partner in an industry as competitive and regulated as food manufacturing can make all the difference.

At MenuSano, we offer specialized solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of food manufacturers, covering everything from nutritional analysis to compliance and labelling.
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Why Choose MenuSano for Food Manufacturing?

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Data Driven Decisions
Leverage our real-time nutritional analysis and analytics features to make informed, data-driven decisions.
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Compliance Simplified

Overcome regulatory hurdles effortlessly.

Our platform enables you to generate compliant nutrition fact labels and documents that comply with FDA, CFIA, and other international standards.

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Recipe Optimization
Use our recipe costing software and nutrition calculators to take your product from prototype to final product with confidence.

Key Features with MenuSano

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Comprehensive Menu Labelling

Generate compliant nutrition fact labels for Canada, the USA, and the UK quickly and easily.

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Recipe Management

Keep track of all your recipes and ingredients. Scale recipes, adjust yields, and select cooking methods effortlessly.

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Real-time Updates

View your label in real time as you make adjustments, ensuring accuracy.

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Multilingual Support

Translation is available for ingredients in labels.

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Diverse Nutrient Databases

Choose from various databases, including CFIA(Canadian Food Inspection Agency), USDA SR Legacy, USDA Foundation Foods, USDA Branded Foods, UK Nutrient, and Sugar Alcohols Database.

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Flexibility & Export Options

Set serving sizes, include ingredients in the label, and get ready-for-product exporting options.

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Specialized Food Labelling

Choose from over 50 compliant labels for your products, including specialized labels for cannabis and keto products.

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And More!

We’ve got you covered, from secure cloud storage to 4-4-9 calculation methods.

Nutrition Analysis Software Trusted Across Industries

Since our inception, MenuSano has earned trust across various sectors, including restaurants, bakeries, hospitals, government agencies, manufacturing companies, and public health departments.

Customer-First Design Philosophy

By utilizing MenuSano, you can design your products with a customer-first mindset. Adjust ingredients and their quantities to reach a desired nutritional profile that impresses customers and enhances profitability.

Nutrition Fact Labels for Manufacturing

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