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Nutrition Analysis Software

MenuSano is a nutrition analysis software which saves food service and food manufacturing businesses thousands in lab and consulting fees.

Designed for ease of use, simply add ingredients by searching our government sourced database, or by adding your own custom ingredients. Adjust the quantities of each ingredient and watch the magic happen.

nutrition analysis

Easy-to-Use Nutrition Analysis Software

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Trusted Databases

Our extensive databases feature thousands of chemically analysed foods provided by US, Canadian, and UK governments.

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Accurate Calculations

MenuSano's behind the scenes nutritional calculations follow regulations set out by the FDA, CFIA, and UK regulatory bodies.

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Designed for Industry

Originally designed cooking alongside chefs in a professional kitchen, MenuSano's workflows are designed for the food industry.

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Excellent Support

The MenuSano Knowledge Center features self help articles, guides, and videos. Chat support is also available.

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Secure Cloud Storage

MenuSano has been designed by an expert development team with over 25 years of experience and prioritizes security.

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Recipe Management

Store recipes in the cloud organized within recipe categories. Easily search and edit recipes with additional descriptions and notes.

Nutrition Analysis for the Food & Beverage Industry

MenuSano is food analysis software designed with food services and food manufacturers in mind in terms of compliance, as well as allowing them to grow and manage their businesses properly.

For food services, nutrition analysis through MenuSano allows you to inform your customers about the nutritional content of your food. Many governments globally have implemented menu labelling legislation to help combat obesity in the populations. There is also compelling research to prove that food service providers that display nutrition information outperform their competitors that don’t.

For food manufacturers and processors, MenuSano nutrition software creates nutrition fact labels compliant within Canada, the US, and the UK.

Since MenuSano’s original development, it has become trusted by a range of restaurants, bakeries, healthcare clinics, food startups, manufacturers, and more. It has also picked up several awards from industry. 

MenuSano’s features include nutrition labels with dietary statements (organic, vegan, keto, etc.), allergens, an ingredients list (unilingual and bilingual format), and cannabis edibles and Keto nutrition information.

Nutrition Analysis for the Food & Beverage Industry

Virtual Recipe Experimentation

MenuSano allows your chefs to experiment to create great-tasting products with nutritional profiles that your customers are looking for. When you first start using the MenuSano food analysis software, you may be surprised about how healthy your dishes are. You may also find that the levels of sodium or fat are higher than you anticipated.

Once you have the data in hand, you can start experimenting with levels of fat, sugar, and salt. Great tasting food with an attractive and healthy nutrition profile rarely arises through serendipity. With some time, research and experimentation, you’ll be able to create delicious dishes that health-conscious customers won’t be able to resist.

MenuSano food analysis software gives you the ability to taste test and compare the nutrition profiles of each dish in real-time. It also gives you an exciting flair to expand your range and cater to all kinds of customers. This includes consumers that follow low sodium and low-fat diets or ones that have food intolerances and allergies.

In addition, MenuSano will do any recipe scaling calculations for you, so you can see how your recipe requirements change based on the yield amount required, giving you better cost control. 

Recipe Experimentation

Database Nutrition Analysis

MenuSano is an online method of calculating the nutrition content of food known as theoretical analysis. Instead of performing tests on your recipes in a laboratory, the theoretical analysis uses an already compiled set of data from previously tested ingredients. The MenuSano library of ingredients is extensive containing ingredients from USDA, Health Canada, and Public Health England. This means that whatever recipe you create, there’s virtually every possible ingredient in the MenuSano database already stored. In the unlikely event that the ingredient is not stored in the vast library, you can then go ahead and add the ingredient to your recipe using the easy-to-use feature.

The theoretical analysis relies on already compiled nutritional information concerning ingredients, so it’s incredibly accurate. It’s considered more accurate than laboratory analysis which tests dishes that have been prepared there and then. Because naturally occurring foods vary in their nutritional makeup throughout the year, this means that your meals will change all year round when they are prepared with fruits and vegetables. The theoretical analysis uses mean data compiled from testing natural foods from season to season, to provide greater accuracy throughout the whole year.

FDA, USDA, Health Canada, CFIA, PHE

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