Nutrition Analysis Software for the Meal Kit Industry


MenuSano Nutrition Analysis Software

Fast, Easy & Cost Effective Nutrition Labels for Meal Kit Delivery Services

MenuSano nutritional analysis software is an easy-to-use and cost-effective solution for meal kit businesses. Analyse your recipes and attain nutrition fact labels online with MenuSano.

Traditional methods of obtaining nutrition analysis involves sending food items to a lab. This method costs on average $1,000 per item and takes several weeks for results to arrive. MenuSano brings the lab results straight to you! Simply log into your account, enter ingredients into a recipe, and generate your result.

While the meal kit industry is disrupting the food supply chain, MenuSano is disrupting the nutrition analysis industry. Just think about it, we are a partnership that is meant to be.

Nutrition Analysis Software

Create Nutrition Labels For Recipes and Dishes

MenuSano is the ideal nutrition analysis tool for meal kit delivery services. There are two ways to analyze nutrition in MenuSano:

1. Enter ingredients into a recipe and generate a nutrition facts label

Add ingredients by searching our database of over 250,000 food items. Enter the quantity for each ingredient in the recipe. Add custom ingredients for any item not found in our database.

nutrition analysis software

2. Combine recipes into a dish and generate a nutrition facts label for each dish

Select several recipes to combine in a dish. This may be a sauce, a side, a protein - anything you want. MenuSano will calculate the nutrition for one dish.

nutrition analysis software

Compliant Nutrition Labels

MenuSano’s trusted databases include the Canadian Nutrient File (CNF) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) government regulated nutrition sources. Combined, our databases include over 200,000 items. Ingredients that are not included in our database can be added as custom ingredients.

USDA Nutrition Database

Canadian Nutrient File Database

Customized Nutrition for Specialty Recipes

MenuSano can handle any type of specialty diet, such as ketogenic, vegetarian, gluten-free, and more. MenuSano allows for dietary customization in the following ways:

  • Ability to add custom specialty ingredients
  • Add allergy and dietary statements to nutrition labels
  • Include an ingredients list with the label
  • Experiment with various ingredients to make a recipe healthier

Dietary labels are important. They show consumers whether an ingredient or meal is vegan, gluten-free, allergen-free, etc. This is vital information to consumers who are following specific diets.

Recipe Experimentation

MenuSano allows users to experiment with their recipes. This is important in creating dishes catered to specialty diets. For example, clients following a standard ketogenic diet are concerned with the amount of fat (75%), protein (20%), and carbs (5%) in a meal. By swapping out ingredients, meeting these nutritional goals has never been so easy.

With 250,000 ingredients to choose from, recipe experimentation is effortless with MenuSano. It is also possible to create your own custom ingredients, if needed.

Recipe Management System

Nutrition Facts for Meal Kits

MenuSano provides secure storage and management of recipes and dishes. Once a recipe or dish is created and customized, users can save that information for later use.

  • Organize recipes by custom categories
  • Save and store all dishes and meals
  • Export recipes to Excel
  • Export dishes to Excel
  • Secure storage in the cloud

Why MenuSano?

Nutrition analysis software allows businesses in the meal kit industry to create and distribute healthy, well-balanced meals. MenuSano ensures accurate, efficient, and reliable results.

The process of using this nutrition analysis software is very simple and user-friendly. To use MenuSano effectively, you simply input each ingredient you use into the program and print out the nutrition fact label. Once this process is complete, you can then add nutrition information to meal kits or make it available on your website. This way, you can always allow your customer to make a healthy choice for themselves.


MenuSano Nutrition Analysis Software