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MenuSano is an award-winning, affordable online nutrition value calculator tool allowing food service providers and food manufacturers to produce and download printable nutrition facts labels at 300dpi, in jpg or PDF format. The easy-to-use tool takes the worry, cost, and confusion out of nutrition facts labeling so you can concentrate on what you do best; creating great food products.

Save thousands in label fees with an in-house nutrition label creation system.

MenuSano Nutrition Label creator software

Nutrition Facts Calculation Method

MenuSano uses a theoretical nutritional analysis method to calculate the nutritional value of your dishes and products. This is just as accurate when compared to the original laboratory analysis approach. It also has the added benefits of being quicker and more affordable. Theoretical analysis can be more accurate than traditional laboratory nutritional value analysis, as it uses a mean nutritional value for the content of food, which varies naturally from season to season.

With the MenuSano software at your fingertips, your chefs can adapt and experiment with dishes as many times as they like to come up with the perfect marriage of a great-tasting and nutritionally appealing product your customers will love.

Change and experiment with the sodium, fat, and sugar content of popular and new dishes to cater to all types of consumers. With MenuSano, you can ensure that your menu has products suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians, as well as people with diabetes, gluten, and other food allergies. Health-conscious consumers and those that need to follow low fat or sodium diets can also be catered to.

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Nutrition Facts Label Making Process

Creating nutrition facts labels for your food products couldn’t be easier with Menusano.

Simply input the quantities of the ingredients that comprise each product and MenuSano will display the nutritional information that can be instantly downloadable as an image or a PDF file, which can be sent to a graphic designer or uploaded into a printing software.

Unilingual and bilingual Canadian, FDA, and UK nutrition labels are available, and in many dimensions, with MenuSano’s label creation tool. Some features allow you to highlight and detail Allergen and Dietary statements (such as Organic, Vegan, Keto, etc.), as well as detailing ingredients. Now, you can add sugar alcohol to satisfy your template for your Keto nutrition labels.

How MenuSano Label creator Works in Two Steps

Who Is MenuSano For?

MenuSano is an easy-to-use nutrition facts calculator for Food Manufacturers, Food Services, Catering, Hospitality, Food Startups, Healthcare, and more. Simply add ingredients from MenuSano’s extensive database to recipes and export a nutrition fact label. 

The software has been tested by restaurants, hospitals, as well as public health departments.

Food Services can use MenuSano nutrition fact labels to add to their retail products and marketing materials, such as a website, flyer or menu. Food Manufacturers can use MenuSano to create compliant labels for their products.

Nutrition Analysis for the Food & Beverage Industry

Nutrition Fact Labelling and the Law

The government’s desire to keep populations healthy means that many food businesses must follow certain regulations. MenuSano’s Label Creator Tool adheres to the new nutrition label format introduced by Health Canada, U.S Food and Drug Administration, and UK Government.

If you’re a producer of packaged food or if you run a restaurant with more than one location, you must by law supply nutritional facts information. However, even if you are just a single site restaurant, there is compounding evidence that providing nutrition value information will benefit you in several ways. So don’t let your larger competitors steal away your customers!


CFIA Nutrition Fact Labels

MenuSano Food Labeling Software uses the CFIA guidelines for Canadian nutrition fact labels and DV calculations.


FDA Nutrition Fact Labels

Use MenuSano Food Labeling Software to create FDA compliant nutrition fact labels for products sold in the US.

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UK Nutrition Fact Labels

Stay compliant with UK regulations and add all mandatory information on nutrition fact labels with MenuSano.

Nutrition Value Information Database

With the introduction of the menu labelling legislation, businesses are gearing up to produce compliant nutrition facts labels for their customers in line with industry regulations.

MenuSano uses an extensive database of ingredients commonly found in the Canadian, USA, and UK diet collated by Health Canada, the USDA, and Public Health England.

Nutritional value information is displayed in accordance with government criteria and clearly shows macronutrients and several important micronutrients.

The information is recorded either in grams or milligrams, whichever is most appropriate. The data is also expressed as a percentage of the recommended daily value (DV), for consumers to easily understand.

Nutritional Database Country References

How to Create a Nutrition Fact Label

A nutrition facts label is designed to reflect the most up-to-date recommendations from the Food and Drug Administration regarding the nutrition facts of certain foods. There are different options when it comes to creating nutrition facts labels, such as using laboratory analysis, consulting with a dietitian, and using nutrition analysis software.

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Additional Features


Nutrition Analysis Software

An easy-to-use nutrition analysis software saving costs on lab testing and consulting fees.


Recipe Costing Software

Save time and ensure profitability with MenuSano's recipe costing tool.


Recipe Experimentation

Experiment and see the nutritional value of your dishes as you get creative in your kitchen.

Businesses Across Industries Trust MenuSano

Top Trends in Nutrition Labeling for 2024

Food Manufacturers

Specialized solutions for food manufacturers covering everything from nutritional analysis to compliance and labelling.



Restaurants can use MenuSano to get real-time and accurate nutritional analysis, as well as generate nutrition facts labels.



Cannabis businesses can easily navigate the intricate rules of product labelling and generate compliant nutrition facts labels by simply using MenuSano.

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Our software is engineered to meet the unique needs of food caterers allowing them to focus on delivering exceptional culinary experiences.


Meal Kits

All-in-one solution for meal kits nutrition analysis, labelling, and compliance.


Food Processors

MenuSano can integrate with supply chain management systems, facilitating real-time updates on ingredient availability, pricing, and nutritional information.



Eliminate complex calculations and estimations. Our Bakery Nutrition Label Menu provides precise, real-time nutritional information customized to your recipes, covering everything from calories to allergens.



Promote healthier choices by generating informative compliant nutrition facts labels. Meals can also be catered to the diverse dietary needs of patients, staff, and visitors.


Culinary Schools

MenuSano is committed to enriching the educational journey of the next wave of chefs, dieticians, and food entrepreneurs.


School Education

Recognizing the vital role schools play in shaping future generations, MenuSano grants you access to our top-notch nutrition analysis software at a special reduced rate if teaching nutrition is part of the curriculum. 


School Meal Programs

An easy-to-use comprehensive solution to nutritional analysis, empowering schools to deliver healthier, well-balanced meals for our future leaders.


Pet Food

MenuSano helps you analyze and balance essential nutrients in pet food, such as protein, fat, fibre, and essential vitamins and minerals, tailored to different species, breeds, and health conditions.


Retirement Homes

Discover how MenuSano can enhance the nutritional well-being of your residents and set your retirement home apart.

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