FDA Nutrition Fact Labels

MenuSano follows guidelines by both the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the United States Department of Agriculture Food (USDA) ensuring our nutrition analysis software is in accordance with the latest US food regulations.

MenuSano’s method of nutritional analysis is FDA approved and the ingredients entered into the software are sourced from a USDA-regulated nutritional database.

This guarantees accurate and compliant results so you can focus on other important matters such as building your business.

FDA Nutrition Facts Label

Our Trusted USDA Database

When you add ingredients into MenuSano you are leveraging USDA’s FoodData Central, a research-focused database that takes a deeper dive into nutrient profile data.

FoodData Central uses data types to meet specific and ever-changing needs in the industry. This is a new approach to nutrition analysis MenuSano supports.


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Requirements

FDA Menu Labelling

MenuSano’s software discloses calorie and appropriate nutrition information to be displayed by restaurants and relevant food establishments aligning with the FDA ruling.

FDA rounding rules

Complex rounding rules are made easy thanks to MenuSano. The software takes into account every value on the nutrition facts panel ensuring rounding follows the appropriate guidelines.

FDA DV calculations

Let MenuSano determine the percentage of the DV for each nutrient in a serving of the food. The nutrition analysis software is up to date with the latest DV calculations so compliance is guaranteed.

FDA Nutrition Fact Labels

Creating nutrition fact labels are simplified with MenuSano’s supply of nutrition facts templates compliant with the FDA. Available in either PDF or JPG high resolution (300dpi), choose among an extensive library of templates to suit your needs.

The New FDA Nutrition Fact Label

Comply with the FDA’s latest nutrition facts label ruling and help your consumers make better-informed choices.

When you start using MenuSano you create compliant nutrition facts labels and can start using it on all of your packaged foods. Do not wait for the last minute to switch to the new label.

New USA Nutrition Fact Label

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