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Package Comparison

DatabasesOne Country Database.
  • USDA
  • Canadian Nutrient File
  • UK
Two Country Databases.
  • USDA & Canadian Nutrient File OR
  • USDA & UK
All System Databases
Sugar Alcohol (Keto) Database$5 per month / $60 per year$5 per month / $60 per yearIncluded
Number of Recipes Stored in the SystemUp to 20Up to 50Unlimited
Number of Label Downloads per Month2050Unlimited
Included User Licences123
Recipe Costing$10 per month / $120 per year$10 per month / $120 per yearIncluded
Email SupportCheckmark IconCheckmark IconCheckmark Icon
Chat SupportCheckmark IconCheckmark IconCheckmark Icon
Phone SupportCheckmark IconCheckmark Icon
Virtual Training SessionCheckmark Icon
Roadmap ParticipationCheckmark Icon
Choice Is Healthy Website ListingCheckmark IconCheckmark IconCheckmark Icon
Free Ads on Choice Is Healthy Checkmark Icon
Top of Search Placement on Choice Is HealthyCheckmark Icon

Send us your recipes, and we will do the Nutrition Analysis for you!

One Label. One Time Fee.

Read our Nutrition Analysis FAQ to learn more.

Nutrition Labelling Service



Pricing FAQ

Yes, additional user licenses are available so that multiple users can access the account. Some packages such as PRO and Premium come with additional user licences for free. 

Each package allows for a maximum number of recipes to be stored in the system at a given time. For example, if the limit is 20 recipes and there are 20 recipes in the account, a recipe would have to be deleted before adding a new one. Alternatively, if more recipes are needed, it is possible to instantly upgrade to a package with a higher recipes limit.

Each package allows for a maximum label downloads per month. For example, the Basic plan allows for 20 label downloads each month.  The Premium package is unlimited, meaning there is no maximum monthly label downloads.

Yes, subscriptions can be cancelled anytime. You will have access to the system until the end of the subscription period. Should you choose to resubscribe, your data will still be available to you.

The key differences between packages is:

  1. Number of recipes stored at a time
  2. Number of label downloads per month
  3. Number of databases

Identifying how many recipes, labels needed, and if more than one database is desired will determine which package you should select.

It is always possible to upgrade instantly if needed. 

Prices listed are in CAD dollars. Note that prices do not include HST (13%) tax.

Choice Is Healthy Restaurant Finder

The Choice is Healthy website is a healthy restaurant directory that places your business at the fingertips of your customers. If you are offering healthy choices on your menu, we encourage you to sign up and add your locations. Customers looking for a healthy meal will search for restaurants near them on the Choice is Healthy website, and if listed, your restaurant, address, directions, and any other info you add will be immediately available to them.

Here’s what Choice Is Healthy can do for you

Choice Is Healthy website

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We take your privacy seriously and will never share your information.