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MenuSano Nutrition Analysis Software

What does MenuSano offer?

MenuSano offers the ability to calculate the nutritional value of meals. However, MenuSano is packed with a whole set of additional benefits:

1. Creating Recipes

  • Instantly view nutritional data for your recipe provided by the Canadian Nutrient File
  • Print out the Nutritional Facts Label
  • Obtain nutrition information based on Serving Size
  • Categorize recipes by creating Sections
  • Make adjustments to your recipes easily (add, edit or delete recipes)
  • Add your own ingredients to a recipe
  • Create a list of renamed database food items with your own name to make searching it later easier

2. Creating Menu Items

  • Provide a description of the Menu Item
  • Categorize Meals in a Section (ie. Starters, Mains, etc.)
  • Combine recipes together to make unlimited Menu Items
  • Calculate the nutritional facts by combining multiple recipes into a Menu Item.

3. Creating Menus

  • Add sections to your Menu to create a familiar format for your customers (Appetizers, Soup, Entrée, Dessert, etc)
  • Provide descriptions of your menu (ie. Healthy menu)
  • Print the Menu with your Logo> and Menu Title.

4. Additional Features

  • Unlimited access anywhere and anytime to your account.
  • Analyze and securely store recipes, menu items and menus.
  • Sophisticated Recipe Library utilizing an array of organizational storage tools such as:
    • Food categories
    • Recipe descriptions
    • Custom ingredient options
    • Make a basic ingredient ability
    • Limitless records for recipes, menu items and menus.

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How should I use MenuSano data?

In any way that it can help you. Post it on your website, print out the MenuSano Menu, place it on your menu boards, include on your existing menu.

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Is it difficult to learn how to use MenuSano?

MenuSano was built by a team that has been involved in the restaurant industry. Ease of use was amongst the top objectives in building MenuSano. The web screens are tested and designed with input and guidance from restaurant owners so that the entire experience is easy to learn.

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How does MenuSano Round data and Calculate DV%?

MenuSano creates nutrition labels parallel to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency – a department of the Government of Canada.

Click here to view a document that explains the rounding rules used, and DV% Calculations.

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How secure is MenuSano?

MenuSano has been designed by an expert development team developing applications for 20 years. The software has been secured for your protection and any ingredients or recipes that you may add remain in your account only.

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How does MenuSano compare to a laboratory analysis?

In order to derive the nutrition facts of a meal, there are two ways to do this. The more traditional approach is a chemical analysis performed in a lab where food is incinerated and tested for its nutrient content. However, the results of this process are limited to that specific sample; unavoidable variations during preparation or ingredient variations cannot be accounted for. This also requires testing multiple samples in order to obtain an average, in turn making the process very costly – on average $800/dish.

The second type is called Theoretical Analysis which is the MenuSano method, and is done via calculation by taking data from ingredients that have been previously chemically tested and scaling those nutrient values to match the amounts used in the final food product. Health Canada has compiled a database that includes nutritional information for about 12,920 ingredients commonly found in the Canadian diet. Not only is it MenuSano the more affordable solution but it is also the more flexible and accurate approach to calculating the nutritional facts.

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What do I do if I have a question?

MenuSano was designed specifically for ease-of-use to anyone in the restaurant industry. However, if you have a question, please feel free to send us an email at anytime or give us a call at 1.866.640.2345 Monday to Friday 9am-5pm EST. We’d be happy to help.

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