A Conversation with Chef Luciano Schipano

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In this episode, we were joined by Chef Luciano Schipano. Luciano is Red Seal certified with a serious passion for nutrition and the culinary arts. Luciano is also the Executive Chef of Nova Ristorante and Founder of Culinarium, an event and kitchen space based in Toronto. He spoke with Sonia Couto, Founder of MenuSano, an Online Nutrition Analysis & Recipe Costing software.

Luciano and Sonia spoke about food as medicine, how he uses nutritionally rich food to take care of his guests’ health, his latest project Culinarium, and the benefits and features of MenuSano.

The Healthy Menu Podcast – Episode 18: A Conversation with Chef Luciano Schipano

Light Transcription

S: Chef Luciano and I have worked together in the past when we started launching and he is one of the only Chefs I know that not only is passionate about food but also very passionate about nutrition. He has a genuine care for the type of food that he cooks and what he provides to his – not customers, not clients, but his guests.

I know you’ve been like doing a million different things, you know, while everyone has stopped a little bit, you’ve been launching all of these new companies and doing all this stuff. Why don’t you give us a little introduction about yourself and tell me what you’ve been up to?

L: Well, welcome to Culinarium. This is my latest project that I’m launching. This week is the first week we ran an event. Culinarium is a kitchen/event space located at Weston and Eglinton and we are in the middle of North York, Downtown by the new Eglinton subway station.

As a chef, I have to care about food, not just about Italian food. This is why I really love MenuSano. You know, food is universal, it belongs to all cultures, communities and has the power to bind people together.

I’m a chef, a personal chef here in Toronto so I travel a lot. In 10 days, I did 1100 kilometres. distant this week. This is what makes me happy. I deliver experiences and that is the power of food. It allows people to get together, no matter what. COVID or no COVID, people must eat. For me, it’s a mission. Like a doctor has to heal an illness, as a chef, we have to nourish people. So I moved here 9 years ago, for the last 6 years, I have been working as a consultant and a private chef.

S: Awesome, so I know that food is a huge passion for you and I remember in one of our last conversations you mentioned something that I found very interesting, and I was wondering if you could elaborate on it a little bit. You were telling me there are times of the seasons when particular foods are available and you create your menus based on when people eat more salads or in the winter when people eat soups and things like that. Can you tell us a little bit more about the process you go through?

L: That is a very important question. My education comes from Europe. I got my diploma in culinary arts in Italy outside of my bachelor’s and master’s degrees. The education system is completely different. We are educated on doing a seasonal menu and nutrition. Before I’m granted my diploma, I have 5 years of science, chemicals, food and nutrition so I have to understand what food I’m cooking.

How Chef Luciano uses MenuSano to Create Exceptional Guest Experiences

Watch how chef Luciano uses our nutrition calculator program to bring his delicious recipes to life at his restaurant! Chef Luciano has always been food’s number one fan. Instead of spending his childhood biking around his neighborhood and playing with his friends, he chose to master the art of cooking.

Passionate about healthy food, Chef Luciano uses MenuSano to feed his guests fresh healthy meals.

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