Adding Nutrition Adds Value For Customers

Adding Nutrition Adds Value for Customers

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Restaurant owners and staff usually have a lot on their plate, pun intended. In such a fast pace work environment it can be hard to cater to every individual’s needs. The challenge of serving drinks, food, preparing bills, remembering orders, answering questions about the menu, and having to do all of that in a timely and pleasant manner can be a lot to take. So what can one do to ease some of the stresses of the service world? Well, there are many new technologies to try and help with the POS process such as order taking and billing; however, how about nutritional facts and information customers are wondering about the menu?

When people dine out it is almost expected that if you are on a diet you’re going to be throwing it out for the evening, or worse if one has allergies they may have to stop the server just to ask if there are certain items in a dish. This takes up extra time and effort, slowing down service which causes more wait time resulting in less income. Some customers find themselves having to dine out often because of clients or perhaps they simply don’t have the time to cook for themselves. Without having access to the proper nutritional information they might end up making serval poor choices for their meal.

With MenuSano it is a snap to put all your ingredients into our software and be able to produce labels/menu with all the food facts for anyone to see. Providing that key information will help your customers make better choices or at least know if they feel like spoiling themselves it will be easier to track. This makes the dining experience much more pleasant for both parties – diners and staff. Your customers will no longer have to wonder how many calories a dish has or if there are any allergens to be worried about.

MenuSano’s nutritional labeling software it gives customers the peace of mind they crave especially with how health concuss people have become in this day and age. Such software could very well boost your business revenue. Creating nutritional profiles of all or some of your dishes will help your customers monitor and track their intake, and as a result, enjoy a better dining experience. Customers will love a guilt free experience enjoying the fact that just because they decided to dine out they can still eat healthy without second guessing ingredients or having to ask the server for nutritional facts about the menu. This could even promote customers to come back more frequently, so it’s possible that an investment in MenuSano could result in a better bottom line for business. So why not find out with a free trial and find out what MenuSano can do for you.

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