The Benefits of Labeling Software for your Restaurant

Nutrition Fact Label Software in Restaurant

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Nowadays, when you walk into any restaurant or fast food place and look at the menu, there will be a number that labels how many calories that food item is. This wasn’t always the case when going to restaurants, but with the rise of nutritional awareness, many restaurants want to prove that their dishes are as nutritional as they claim.

The best way to inform your customers exactly what they are consuming is by using a nutritional labeling software, also called nutritional analysis software. This software phases out the process of waiting for lab results and instead revolutionizes your restaurant’s nutrition. Here are some of the benefits of labeling software for your restaurant.

Cost Effective

Before this nutritional labeling software came into play, restaurants used to come up with their menu and send each food dish to a lab to get analyzed. This tended to get expensive as sending one dish alone was costly. On top of just sending in the dish, there are additional charges. Usually, if the lab sends a dish back and the restaurant was not satisfied with the results, they can modify the dish and then send it back for further analysis. Any modification to the dish came up with additional fees. Now, with food labeling software, these costs are eliminated as everything is done online (all at an affordable price).

Menu Creation

Food labeling software allows you to have creative license with your cooking and recipe creation. You can input any ingredient(s) in the software and use them to form dishes. You can change up the recipes at any time to experiment and see which option is more health conscious or not based off of the automatically generated nutrition facts for each food item.

Once you have figured out what food dishes are needed for your menu, you can use the software to create different “sub menus” (like a section labelled Healthy Menu) to ease your customer’s perusal of it.

Time Efficient

The process of coming up with the menu, sending each food dish to a lab, modifying it and then sending it back again can be incredibly time consuming. With food labeling software you’ll be able to create food items, modify them and more in far less time than you would without the software. This can give your restaurant time to create, modify and perfect a more enhanced (and healthier) menu that effectively serves the dietary needs of your customers.

Enhanced User Experience

Food labeling software is very flexible to use as you can:

  • Introduce new food items at any time.
  • Add any sections needed to your menu (for both the restaurant and the customer’s benefit).
  • Enter as many recipes, ingredients and meals needed.
  • Access the software from any device at anytime.

Food labeling software provides many advantages, and also enhances the professionalism of your restaurant by showing that you can be transparent and proactive towards the cause to healthier food consumption.

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