A Conversation with Tamir Barzilai Co-Founder of Honeycomb

The Healthy Menu Episode 27 DIsplay Photo

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The Healthy Menu Episode 27 DIsplay Photo

Light Transcript of the Podcast:

S: Tell us a little about you and your backstory.

T: I’m the CEO & Co-Founder of Honeycomb. I started this company. What we do, we have a really simple mission. The north star of the company is to help anyone, no matter their dietary preference find something they can eat. Finding food these days with a particular diet or set of dietary preferences is a real challenge. The major food tech, online ordering and delivery companies, along with restaurants, see people with dietary restrictions as an afterthought.

S: I can totally relate to that, I was a vegan for five years and I just found myself not being able to eat wherever I wanted. Can you tell us a bit more about the app, how it works and how people can use it?

T: There are a lot of companies that have tried to make this app, but the reality is we don’t really see anyone getting the job done. The app will be available for Android and iOS towards the end of September. It’s very simple, you create a profile, enter your dietary preferences, enter the severity of diets and allergies, and then you will only see things in the app that are suitable for you. You can search for a “burger”, then you will only see a vegan or gluten-free burger. We can tell you not only where to eat, but what you can eat at those places.

S: You’ve brought up some really good points. I remember when we first launched MenuSano, it was really difficult and the technology wasn’t available. We failed a couple of times before we could really get it out. What are some of the challenges you’ve encountered in trying to build this thing out?

T: I think one of the biggest challenges is creating that one singular interface for everyone with different diets.

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