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MenuSano is an online nutrition calculator developed by Konverge in Ontario that will accurately estimate the number of calories and nutritional information in food items. It is an affordable online product that has been designed to be easy to use and flexible. MenuSano was originally developed over 5 years ago and has been tested with restaurants, public health departments and hospitals.

The Ontario Healthy Menu Choices Act

As of January 1, 2017, restaurant chains will be required to provide their customers with specific calorie information for most food and drink to be consumed or taken away. MenuSano is a do-it-yourself cost effective tool for restaurants to comply with the new Ontario Healthy Menu Choices Act.

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Sonia Couto: Founder, MenuSano

Sonia is the founder of MenuSano, a food analysis tech company in Toronto. Sonia has been in the tech industry for over a decade, she is an experienced leader who is highly results driven and known for “getting things done”.

MenuSano was created as a health intervention tool to address the rising rates of disease and obesity in our population that can be managed and prevented with nutrition. MenuSano allows the food service industry to contribute to community health by providing nutrition information to their customers at the point of sale. Sonia identified a consumer need: that people want more control over their health and they know making healthy food choices is an important part of that strategy. MenuSano is impacting people’s lives in a positive way and helping them lead healthier lives.

Sonia has overseen MenuSano’s development from its inception. Working with industry leaders, government, users, and the MenuSano team, Sonia drives initiatives that will lead to strategic partnerships and growth within Canada and internationally.

Sonia has been the recipient of several awards that acknowledge her excellence in leadership in the software industry:

  • Top CEO of the Year for 2019 – International Association of Top Professionals
  • Leadership Elite, Most Influential Woman in Software Development 2018 – Canada
  • “Most Influential Woman in Software Development – Canada” from the CV Businesswoman Awards, 2016
  • “IT Businesswoman of the Year – Canada” from the CV Businesswoman Awards, 2016
  • “Game Changer of the Year – Software Solutions” from the ACQ Global Awards, 2016

As a dedicated member of the tech community in Canada, Sonia is involved in a variety of professional groups that allow her to grow and mentor others. Her journey as a breast cancer survivor has led her to become an advocate for early breast cancer detection and she supports women going through diagnoses and treatment. Furthermore, Sonia volunteers for the SilStar foundation, to raise awareness and funds for lung cancer research.

Sonia Couto - MenuSano Founder

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MenuSano Nutrition Analysis Software