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MenuSano is an easy to use nutritional facts calculator. Your restaurant will be able to accommodate a growing number of customers that are asking for details about the nutritional value and content of their meals. Customers want to experience the best of both worlds; dining out and sticking to healthy eating. MenuSano makes it all possible.

MenuSano is a cutting edge nutrition facts generator, at an affordable price. The software is designed with compliance and ease-of-use in mind.

Since MenuSano’s launch, it has been tried, tested and loved by restaurants, hospitals, and public service departments alike. It also has received a number of awards.

Displaying nutrition information gives all kinds of customers the information they need. With nutrition information clearly displayed, people who are living with conditions such as diabetes or food allergies can find food they can safely eat.

Many millennials seek healthy food so that they can achieve optimal nutrition and not develop conditions in later life. It’s therefore imperative that forward-thinking food businesses take on board this major trend.

It’s also important to develop healthy meals that your customers will love. Providing nutrition information means that you are offering transparency that your customers respect. Being given more choice in terms of revealing your nutrition information also improves overall customer satisfaction.

You should think of nutrition analysis as an advantage. You can highlight different dishes suitable for people with different dietary requirements. With MenuSano you can grow your customer base so everyone knows you have suitable and tasty meals for them.

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Nutrition Analysis on The Go with MenuSano

Nutrition analysis with MenuSano is super easy so all your team can use the software and glean the benefits. Even if you are on the go you can log into your account and get to work. Just access the web-based application from any device with your username and password.

The nutrition fact label generator is used quite simply by adding the recipe ingredients. The software then calculates the fat, carbs, and protein plus a host of other nutrients. These are all calculated as per standard Canadian nutrition labels. You can then compile this data into a list so that your customers can ascertain all the information they need.

In particular, you can use your nutrition analysis software to design healthy meals. Do this by adjusting the recipe and the amounts of fat, sugar, and salt you use in the dish. The software allows you to enter as many ingredients, recipes, and meals as you like. And the simple edit tool allows you to save time and modify the ingredients in your dishes at any time.

There are lots of features you can use. Print special dietary information into your regular menu for additional customer benefit. And because your company logo is printed on any inserts you choose it provides a further great avenue for branding recognition.

You can also use the information obtained from MenuSano to display on your company website.

Nutrition Analysis

MenuSano Trusted Database

MenuSano uses a database of over 200,000 ingredients in order to precisely calculate the nutrition content of your food. The database is literally at your fingertips. You can create accurate nutrition profiles for all your dishes in minutes.

MenuSano uses both the USDA National Nutrient Database and the Canadian Nutrient File (CNF). The USDA part of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was created as a database of proprietary-branded foods and generic foods. The FDA regulates food labels food and gives the nutrition profile of each serving. It lists over 247,326 food items and is continuously being updated.

The CNF being Canadian is a food composition database which is in both French and English. It details the mean values for nutrients in food commonly found in Canadian diets. Much of the data is derived from the USDA Nutrient Database.

MenuSano uses these databases to perform theoretical analysis. This type of analysis is considered to be more accurate than laboratory analysis. Theoretical analysis uses the mean values of naturally varying foods making it more accurate. You can, therefore, be assured that with MenuSano you are getting the best analysis and the most cost-effective solution.

USDA Nutrition Database

Canadian Nutrient File Database

Here is how MenuSano can help your business

  • Enables you to showcase the nutritional value of your healthiest menu items as a part of your regular menu items by displaying meals which are high-protein, low-sodium, low-calorie etc.
  • Compliments your existing regular menu as an insert called “healthy menu”.
  • Informs and as a result, attracts those consumers that avoid eating out because they are unaware of what they are ingesting.
  • Meets dietary criteria of consumers with specific nutritional needs such as diets which are low in sodium.
  • Provides the opportunity to expand your consumer base by targeting new customers which may be health conscious.
  • Allows transparency about your restaurant which translates into building a relationship and trust.
  • Brings in repeat customers as their dietary needs are met.
  • Empowers consumers by making them feel in control as they are informed about their nutritional intake.
  • Allows you to introduce new menu items as a result of the information in the system and provides a variety of menu items to your customers.
  • Educates your staff about the food and the nutritional value it provides to your consumers making them more knowledgeable about the items you offer.

Additional Benefits of MenuSano

  • It is an opt-in tool, meaning you only choose the menu items you wish to display
  • An easy-to-use tool that only requires the simple entry of a meal’s ingredients. The rest of the work is done by the software which calculates the nutritional value of meals.
  • Allows the ability to enter as many ingredients, recipes, and meals as you like.
  • Simple edit tool allows you to modify the menu items at any time.
  • Prints a menu with your logo which can be inserted into your existing menu
  • A web-based application accessible from anywhere with your username and password

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MenuSano Nutrition Analysis Software