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MenuSano is an easy to use nutritional value calculator and the information you’ll need is readily accessible. Your restaurant will be able to accommodate a growing number of customers that are asking for details about the nutritional value and content of their meals. Customers want to experience the best of both worlds; dining out and sticking to healthy eating. MenuSano makes it all possible.

  • Enter in the recipe ingredients; MenuSano will immediately calculate the calories, protein and fat count, along with a variety of other nutritional information
  • Once entered, it’s simple to combine your recipes into a menu list with all of the pertinent information your customers want to know
  • Special dietary information or restricted diet recipes can be printed as an insert into your regular menu for additional customer benefit
  • Build a relationship with customers who seek restaurants that have menu transparency
  • Since you can access nutritional information based on serving size, your customers feel confident that their dietary requests are being met
  • Your logo is easily applied to the menu along with any inserts you choose to print, providing another great avenue for brand recognition
  • Your restaurant can use any of the valuable information you’ve collected and post it directly on your company website
  • We can answer any questions either by phone or email, whichever method works best for you
  • With our free trial, you can experience a no risk trial of our online tools to see how they will best suit your needs

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Here is how MenuSano can help your business

  • Enables you to showcase the nutritional value of your healthiest menu items as a part of your regular menu items by displaying meals which are high-protein, low-sodium, low-calorie etc.
  • Compliments your existing regular menu as an insert called “healthy menu”.
  • Informs and as a result attracts those consumers that avoid eating out because they are unaware of what they are ingesting.
  • Meets dietary criteria of consumers with specific nutritional needs such as diets which are low in sodium.
  • Provides the opportunity to expand your consumer base by targeting new customers which may be health conscious.
  • Allows transparency about your restaurant which translates into building a relationship and trust.
  • Brings in repeat customers as their dietary needs are met.
  • Empowers consumers by making them feel in control as they are informed about their nutritional intake.
  • Allows you to introduce new menu items as a result of the information in the system and provides a variety menu items to your customers.
  • Educates your staff about the food and the nutritional value it provides to your consumers making them more knowledgeable about the items you offer.

Additional benefits of MenuSano

  • It is an opt-in tool, meaning you only choose the menu items you wish to display
  • Easy-to-use tool that only requires the simple entry of a meal’s ingredients. The rest of the work is done by the software which calculates the nutritional value of meals.
  • Allows the ability to enter as many ingredients, recipes, and meals as you like.
  • Simple edit tool allows you to modify the menu items at any time.
  • Prints a menu with your logo which can be inserted into your existing menu
  • A web based application accessible from anywhere with your username and password

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