Why Restaurants need to include the Nutritional Value of Meals on their Menu and how it is Beneficial for their Business

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Why restaurants need to include the nutritional value of meals on the menu and how it is beneficial for their business

Promoting healthy eating in restaurants is a high priority for many governmental organizations. In the US, The Food and Drug Administration realizes that nutrition labelling in the food service industry is very important to overcome increased rates of obesity and other related health issues. The FDA established rules on May 7, 2018 stating that restaurants must present the caloric value of foods in the same way that retail food establishments are required. Now consumers can check the caloric value along with the nutritional information of foods purchased in restaurants, vending machines, and other food service establishments.

In Ontario, The Healthy Menu Choices Act, implemented by the government of Ontario, promotes making informed choices by displaying nutritional information on menus. The act requires restaurants with more than 20 locations in Ontario to post the caloric values of the foods and drinks they sell as of January 1st, 2017. Since the act came into place, many Canadian restaurants and foodservice providers are seeing the value in providing healthy menu options and now offer a variety of nutritious food options with nutrition labelling regardless of whether they must comply or not.

How is displaying nutritional values beneficial for restaurant owners?

1. Capture a wider customer base

People often eat out due to their busy work schedule and prefer to go to restaurants for special occasions. For some people, not knowing the caloric value of meals can restrict their food options when eating out. When calories and nutritional values are displayed on menus, health conscious diners are no longer limited in the choice of restaurants they can enjoy.

2. Nutrition labels increase revenue

Displaying nutritional information in restaurants can increase the ordering frequency of labelled menu items. This is because labelling makes consumers confident about the nutritional and caloric values of the items they order. This trend in increased ordering frequency can be seen through the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s program called “Health Check”. The Health Check program was a voluntary program for restaurants to join. Menu items were given a “HC” symbol on them when they met the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s nutritional criteria. The result showed people ordered less trans fat, saturated fat, and sugar-containing foods and preferred to eat dishes displaying the HC label. The research report also revealed that the rate of ordering HC marked food increased. Restaurant businesses can also be profitable if they provide an option of customizable serving size depending upon the individual’s calorie requirement, as well as nutritional preferences.

Displaying nutritional information in restaurants helps customers to select food items that will maintain their health. Restaurants which display nutrition labels empower customers to make healthier choices. The overall process promotes more frequent visits to the restaurant and enhances business.

3. The next generation of customers are already into healthy eating

Generally, health-conscious adults restrict their kids from eating at fast food restaurants. However, an exception to this is when nutritional labels are available for food items sold at fast food counters. Parents feel satisfied when they can choose a better meal for their kids and become less restricted when selecting a restaurant to eat out at.

Usually, children prefer to select their meal by themselves and often parents will help them select a menu item as children often have little idea about healthy eating. Providing nutritional facts tables gives all the nutrition information about every food item present on the menu. This encourages children to learn about nutritious eating and create healthy eating habits. In addition, children often like to visit restaurants to explore different nutritious dishes, which is good for the restaurant business.

Displaying nutritional values is the new trend to adopt ASAP

Government initiatives and consumer health trends are now repositioning the roll of restaurants in society to become a part of the solution for nutritional disorders for both kids and adults. These programs demonstrate that when restaurants are active in promoting healthy eating then people become more reliant on restaurant food services, which will increase overall business.

The adage, “Health is wealth” couldn’t be more true when it comes to displaying the nutritional value of dishes in restaurants. MenuSano aims to educate our customers and audience about the importance of nutritious and healthy eating. Our nutrition analysis software is being used by many leading restaurants, hospitals, and health conscious individuals. MenuSano is both economical while delivering exceptional value. We are committed to your wellbeing and better health.

If you’re ready to start labelling your menu to give your guests the best experience, why not try MenuSano? We offer a 14-day free trial so you can see just how easy it is to create nutrition labels for all your recipes and dishes.

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