How Restaurants are Profiting with New Software

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In 2017, it has become more common now that when a person walks into a restaurant and is welcomed by a server, they are promptly handed a tablet to pick and choose their menu from, or the server is holding a tablet of their own to put down orders. With smart phones diners may even have some sort of calorie calculator for a diet they maybe on.

This steadily advancing technology allows restaurants to different POS and diet analysis software which profits from it as the new technology aims to make the restaurant experience more streamlined and efficient for the two sides of the restaurant business: the staff and the diners.

The new restaurant software has been proven to both increase satisfaction among the staff and improve the quality of customer service for the diners.

Here are some more benefits of the new software:

  1. Calorie Counting Software: Today people are becoming much more health conscious and want to know the nutritional value of their dish, or people with allergies need to know the specifics of the ingredients. This could slow down service or worse deter people from dining out so much or at all. With restaurant nutritional label software one can easily input the ingredients and print out labels and/or menus with everything a customer wants know.
  2. Inventory Tracking: since the inventory will be tracked online, there will be more accurate real time numbers of what food items are available, running out, or sold out. The restaurant can keep tabs on food usage and discover quickly what food items they need to order more or less of based off of customer’s orders.
  3. Optimal Service: some restaurants now use a restaurant tablet POS configuration which can take customer orders and have them delivered straight to the kitchen, which speeds up the delivery of food and ensure optimal service for customers. In addition, speeding up the delivery of food can lead to a faster table turnover which will lead to more customers and sales.
  4. Management Software: all the information on audits, inventory, training, staff scheduling and assistance are on one device. The software helps improve staff presence, productivity and efficiency. Improved staff performance and tracking leads to an improvement in customer service on the diner’s side.
  5. Online reservations: allowing prospective customers the option of being able to reserve tables online benefits both the customer and the restaurant by allowing for an easier way to manage all the tables and to accept reservations as they come in.
  6. Sales Tracking: with the steady influx of cash and credit cards every day in the restaurant business, having a POS (point of sale) software will help keep track of the finances being used day in and day out. Some software even keeps track of what food items are selling more than others, which can be beneficial when it is time to update the menu, and therefore increase customer satisfaction.
  7. Online ordering: some restaurants now enable online ordering which allows the customers to easily order food from the restaurant menu online and have it delivered and/or picked up. If restaurants sync the online ordering menu to their POS system, it also makes managing the menu easier since all the ordering and customer data is in one place.
  8. Time Saving: with the advancement of restaurant technologies comes efficiency in terms of doing time-consuming tasks. Some POS software can free up time-consuming tasks for staff such as:

– Manually counting the cash register.

– Checking for discrepancies in sales at the end of each work shift.

This gives more time for staff to focus on customer service and therefore increase sales through customer traffic and tips.

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