MenuSano’s, Founder Sonia Couto, wins the 2023 International Elite (IE) 100 global award.

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Toronto (January 10, 2023) – MenuSano founder Sonia Couto has been awarded the 2023 IE awards for Nutrition Business Leader of the Year.

International Elite 100 Awards was set up with the prime objective of recognizing global talents for their achievements across all business areas. The award recognizes hard-working individuals who have the ability to lead from the front.

Selection Process

The candidates are shortlisted based on in-house scrutiny and evaluation, which utilizes various methods to identify those firms and individuals demonstrating exceptional achievements. These methods include reviewing sector-specific market research, client nominations, referrals, press coverage and industry awards. In each award category, a final five nominees are shortlisted, who are then reviewed against their selection criteria using their proprietary process. As IE 100 awards process is not industry-specific, it applies to any firm, regardless of specialization, market vertical or geographic region.

About MenuSano

MenuSano’s mission is to improve public health by providing restaurants and other food service providers with useful nutrition information that they can use in their operations. It also aims to reduce and control diseases with proper diet and healthy eating.

MenuSano is a nutrition analysis and recipe costing software that allows users to accurately calculate the nutrition of their recipes and dishes, create and download a nutrition fact label, and cost their recipes all on an easy-to-use and affordable online platform. Unlike other nutrition analysis and recipe costing platforms, MenuSano is more affordable, easy to use, and aims for unsurpassed customer service. 

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