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The Healthy Menu Episode 20

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The Healthy Menu Episode 20

In the latest Episode of The Healthy Menu, Sonia Couto goes over some technology tools that she uses in her everyday life to help track her daily routine, and how that information can be used to improve health outcomes.

Short Transcript of the Podcast

Sonia: Another thing that I really, really like, and I’ve actually personally been using this for, gosh, at least over five years. It’s a tool that I really, really love. And it is called the Muse…

…What this is, is a meditation headband…. …Then of course it has a handy app and it’s also called the Muse app. So here I have my Muse app and I can just go to the section that says Meditate.

And if I go into Meditate, it’s going to ask me what kind of meditation I want to do. So you can have guided meditations. There’s a huge library of all these different meditations and things that you can do… …But how the band works is, it tracks your brainwaves so that if you stop focusing on your breath – breathing in and out – the beach sound that you hear, which is usually nice waves coming in, they start becoming large waves and start turning into a storm if you start losing focus.

So if I’m going through my meditation and I’m breathing in and out and all of a sudden I start thinking about, ‘Oh, I have an assignment for work and I didn’t finish it,’ my brain starts scattering, it’s no longer meditating. So in my ears, what I hear is a storm brewing and it starts. And what you have to do is, with your brain and your thoughts and meditating, you have to focus back on your breathing in and out. And you with your brain have to calm the storm.

And it’s actually really cool when you do it because you hear the storm sort of, you know, calming down, but then you lose your focus again and it starts back up. And sometimes it can be challenging.

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