Things that MUST be on a Food Label

The Healthy Menu Episode 30

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The Healthy Menu Episode 30

In the latest episode of The Healthy Menu Podcast, we go over some of the items that MUST be included on Food Labels for them to be legal to use. 

Light Transcript of the Podcast

Nutritional fact-value information has been proven to drive changes in consumer behaviour. It is vital for informing decision-making for purchases and provides protection for both consumers and manufacturers. Nutrition labels are vital for consumers who are on a diet of any kind or have a medical condition and/or allergy that prevents them from eating certain things.

As a result, nutrition labels and accurate nutrition label software have become increasingly important. Food manufacturers must ensure that all of the boxes are checked and every mandated component of the label must be present (and there are several!)

Let’s go over a  breakdown of everything that should be included on a nutrition label in order to meet industry standards.

Name and Description of the Product

It goes without saying that the name of the product must be clearly written on the label. Typically, this is the largest printed text on a food product, as it’s the most important. A description of the product includes details describing what exactly the product is. This is key information as it helps inform consumers if they want to buy that specific product and if it is appropriate for their specific diet.

Net Weight

To determine the net weight, subtract the average weight of the empty container, lid and any wrappers and packing materials from the average weight of the container when filled with food. Essentially, the net weight gives consumers a picture of how much the food product itself weighs minus packaging.

Expiration Date

It is vital that expiration dates are included on food labels to inform consumers when the product will go bad. This informs purchasing decisions by consumers and prevents potential severe illnesses and reactions to food that has gone bad.

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