A Conversation with Sherie Nelson, Director of Wellness at Elior NA

The Healthy Menu Episode 36

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The Healthy Menu Episode 36

In Episode 36 of The Healthy Menu Podcast, we speak to Sherie Nelson, the Director of Wellness at Elior NA, about the BeWell approach.

Short Transcript of the Podcast

Tell us about the BeWell approach, I know you just sort of talked about it a little bit, but can you go a little bit more in depth? Yeah. As I told you, it sort of focuses on that wellness-oriented option. And so really, what does that mean? Well, that means more plant-forward options.

It’s good for us right. Okay. So and then does it have plant-based protein? We need protein. We need protein to stay strong… And then we think about that fat choice. So how about what’s healthy fat? So, yes, we can eat fat. It’s very good for us. And then, of course, that option to include something that was considered a high fiber food, because we know fiber is healthy

for us, it’s really supporting our gut health, which gut health is linked to what you think of as gut health, it’s immune system function, it’s mental function. A lot of research bursting in that area that I love, love, love to learn and talk about. And then Probiotic foods again helping your gut and then added sugar. We know as Americans, we eat way too much and everything that everybody trying to do lately is to cut back on sugar.

So just be kind of mindful. They’ll taste good, but we’re going to try to keep that as low as possible. Under that, we also maybe recognize eating styles and food allergies. So then again, making that healthy choice as the easy choice. So these are things that we need in our environment. We’re setting the food out at eye level. Maybe it’s the first thing you’d see.

It could be imagery even and not food. So it’s a right way of thinking about that. It’s really that merchandise that, Sonia, likely we have all kinds of marketing materials, let’s face it. But where are we putting that to make sense, to really nudge that customer to make that choice?

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