The Future of Food – A Conversation with Doug McNish

The Healthy Menu Episode 33

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The Healthy Menu Episode 33

In the latest episode of The Healthy Menu, we have a conversation with Chef Doug McNish about the future of food.

Short Transcript of the Podcast


What’s your journey been like, to just understand food and learn food and really learn what’s healthy for you and what’s not as a vegan? Because everyone makes that assumption that if you go vegan, you’re just going to be healthier. But I don’t think that’s necessarily true. Do you agree?


Yeah, no, I agree 100%. I mean listen… back then there was no Beyond Meat as it exists now. So you were almost forced to – I’m talking 16 years ago – there wasn’t even almond milk in stores. It was just soy milk and it tasted terrible.




So you were almost forced to eat lentils and brown rice and kale, which is what I did. And I made quinoa burgers and things like that. But, you know, to answer your question, no, the word vegan actually has nothing to do with health. Veganism is an ethical choice. So I agree that the word vegan sometimes gets mixed up with health. And no, certainly not. I mean, you could still eat a diet full of burgers, veggie burgers, french fries, potato chips, refined carbohydrates, lots of sugar, and lots of oil.

You know, a calorie is a calorie. And so it really depends on what you’re eating and how much you’re eating. And at what time you’re eating and you’re fasting and all these other things that are sort of current and trending today.

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