A Conversation with Michael Howell, The Future of Food

The Healthy Menu Episode 34

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The Healthy Menu Episode 34

In Episode 34 of The Healthy Menu Podcast, we have a chat with Michael Howell about the Future of Food – This is part of an ongoing series with the Devour Food Festival.

Short Transcript of the Podcast

Sonia Couto:

Do you have any advice for food entrepreneurs and those in the food startup space?

Michael Howell:

There was a guy, a young fellow here in Wolfville. This is a town of about 5000 people in Halifax. Acadia University is here, we have a nice little Ivy League school. And a young man came to me about six years ago and said, I’m thinking about doing maybe some food delivery services. You know, nobody’s doing food delivery. This is long before the pandemic.

He just thought. Do you think that would work here? And I was an old, fuddy-duddy curmudgeon, and I did it for 25 years. And I went, that’ll never work. Who’s going to go for food delivery when you can go to a restaurant? Well, think outside the box. It’s really all I can say. If you’ve got a good idea, don’t listen to somebody that’s older or jaded in the business to distract you from pursuing something that may be cool. Who would have thought that DoorDash would be a thing or that Uber eats would be pervasive? I mean that a degree of food entrepreneurship is changing the way we eat, the way we think. The other thing to do is food entrepreneurs don’t think that farming is not a bad choice. Right? Because you can combine lifestyle with food, entrepreneurship and healthier choices.

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