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You can make your own nutrition labels in-house with MenuSano. MenuSano is an award-winning, affordable online nutrition value calculator tool allowing food service providers to produce printable nutrition facts labels. The easy to use tool takes the worry, cost, and confusion out of nutrition facts labeling so you can concentrate on what you do best; cooking great food with great service.

Originally created by Konverge - one of Toronto’s leading custom software development companies; MenuSano is designed to be flexible and has several key features that will allow you to boost sales. The software has been tested for over 5 years by restaurants, hospitals as well as public health departments.

MenuSano is easy to use nutrition facts calculator. Simply key in the ingredients data and nutrition information is displayed on your restaurant menus or on clear and easily understandable labels suitable for packaged foods.

Nutritional value information has been proven to drive changes in customer behavior. This enriches customer decision-making which in turn increases customer satisfaction. In fact, all types of food service providers have experienced an increase in sales after displaying nutritional value information. When restaurants and food service providers display nutritional facts information customers are confident their nutritional requirements can be met. Such certainty increases customer loyalty and repeat business is easier to achieve. With a host of awards from regulatory and industry excellence bodies, MenuSano generates nutrition value information that consumers want and need.

Nutrition Facts Label

Nutrition Facts Labeling and the Law


The government’s desire to keep Canadians healthy means that Canadian food businesses must follow certain regulations. If you’re a producer of packaged food or if you run a restaurant with more than one location you must by law supply nutritional facts information. However, even if you are just a single site restaurant there is compounding evidence that providing nutrition value information will benefit you in several ways. So don’t let your larger competitors steal away your customers!

Nutrition Value Information Database

With the introduction of the Healthy Menu Act, Canadian businesses are gearing up to produce compliant nutrition facts labels for their customers in line with industry regulations. MenuSano uses a database of 200,000 plus ingredients commonly found in the Canadian and USA diet collated by Health Canada and the USDA. Nutritional value information is displayed in accordance with the Canadian Governments criteria and clearly shows macronutrients and a number of important micronutrients. The information is recorded either in grams or milligrams whichever is most appropriate. The data is also as expressed as a percentage of the recommended daily value (DV) for consumers to easily understand.

USDA Nutrition Database

Canadian Nutrient File Database

Nutrition Facts Label Creation Process

Nutrition Facts Label Creation Process

Creating nutrition facts labels for both your recipes and your dishes couldn’t be easier with Menusano. Simply input the quantities of the ingredients that comprise each product and MenuSano will display the nutritional information that can be instantly downloadable as an image file or inserted into your food menu. It’s super easy to save individual items and then combine them to make up dishes with individual components and elements.

You can display the individual item separately or combine side orders for a complete meal. For example, you may choose to display the nutritional information content of a steak separately and allow your customers to add the side orders they choose. Conversely, you can easily use the software to combine sides to complete a typically chosen whole meal such as a hamburger, fries, and salad.

Bilingual labels are available in both French and English and there are features (coming soon) that allow you to highlight and detail Allergen and Dietary statements as well as detailing ingredients.

Nutrition Facts Calculation Method

How MenuSano Works

Nutrition Facts Label MenuSano

MenuSano uses theoretical nutritional analysis method to calculate the nutritional value of your dishes and products. This is not only as accurate as the original approach of laboratory analysis but has the added benefits of being quicker and more affordable too. Theoretical analysis can be more accurate than traditional laboratory nutritional value analysis as it uses a mean nutritional value for the content of food which varies naturally from season to season.

With MenuSano software at your fingertips, your chefs can adapt and experiment with dishes as many times as they like to come up with the perfect marriage of a great tasting and nutritionally appealing product your customers will love.

Vary and experiment with the sodium, fat, and sugar content of popular and new dishes for all types of consumers. With MenuSano you can ensure that your menu has products suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians as well as catering to people with diabetes, gluten, and other food allergies, as well as the health conscious and those that need to follow low fat or sodium diets.

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