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MenuSano Nutrition Analysis Software

MenuSano nutritional software is a game-changing solution for the food manufacturing industry. MenuSano is an affordable, flexible, and user-friendly online nutrition calculator for food manufacturers. With MenuSano you can easily calculate the nutritional content of your products.

With MenuSano:

  • Create compliant nutrition fact labels while providing high-quality products to your customers
  • Increased brand trust through transparency
  • Cost effective solution
  • Immediate nutrition analysis (no waiting time for food items to return from that lab)
  • Recipe management on our private cloud environment

Nutrition fact labels on food products are a great benefit to food manufacturers. Nutrition labels are a source of transparency between manufacturers and customers. Food manufacturers who display nutrition information in full transparency outperform their competitors who do not. This high rate of customer satisfaction is due to the trust they have in your business. Furthermore, customers appreciate the accountability you are taking for what you are serving.

Nutrition Labels for Cookie Manufacturing

Nutrition Analysis Software Features for Food Manufacturers

  • Flexible and convenient with a user-friendly design
  • Large database of ingredients
  • Recipe experimentation capabilities
  • Over 50 compliant nutrition labels to choose for your products
  • Bilingual nutrition fact labels available
  • Ingredient and allergen labelling
  • Ability to add dietary statements to labels (Vegetarian, gluten free, etc.)
  • View Calories, fats, carbohydrates, sugars, protein, sodium, and vitamins and minerals
  • Compare the nutritional content of recipes and dishes side-by-side
  • Multiple accounts available
Nutrition Facts Label Software

Easy to Use and Cost Effective Solution

MenuSano makes creating and providing quality products to customers both simple and efficient. Our comprehensive, nutritional analysis software details every ingredient in your recipes. Furthermore, you are able to customize what goes into the products and how much of it.

By utilizing MenuSano, you have the unique opportunity to design your products using a customer-first mindset. Furthermore, you will always have an awareness and control of what is in your food. This gives you the freedom and responsibility to make informed decisions as to what to offer your customers. Your customers gain full transparency in selecting what they want to order from your company.

Not only is MenuSano compliant and efficient, it is affordable as well. Rather than having to send out food products for costly lab testing and analysis, MenuSano brings the lab to you. Additionally, MenuSano eliminates the wait times caused by sending out food for nutrition analysis at a lab. Labs take take several weeks to get your analysis back to you. With MenuSano, your nutrition analysis results are instant.

Step by Step Nutrition Label Printing

Detailed USDA and CNF Compliant Databases

MenuSano’s trusted databases are made up of federal government regulated nutrition databases. They include:

  • The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA),
  • The Canadian Nutrient File (CNF),

We are extremely conscious and aware of the existing industry standards and have designed our product accordingly and mindfully. In addition, we keep up with the evolving standards and ensure that our products are always up to code.

Canadian Nutrient File Database
USDA Nutrition Database
MenuSano’s database features include:
  • Over 200,000 ingredients between three national databases
  • Contains those most commonly purchased and consumed in diets across Canada, the US and the UK
  • Multiple measurement options (cups, tablespoons, millilitres, grams, etc.)
  • Your custom ingredients. Menusano allows you to add custom ingredients that are not found in our main database
  • AI integrated into search. MenuSano uses AI to create more intelligent searches in our database. With so many items, AI helps get what you are looking for on the top of the search results list

Our Choice Is Healthy Philosophy

Our core philosophy is that customers and businesses should have healthy choices. Not only that, but they should be fully equipped to make these informed, healthy choices with access to comprehensive, accurate information. Since it was developed, MenuSano nutritional analysis software has earned trust from all sectors of the food service industry including:

  • Restaurants
  • Bakeries
  • Hospitals
  • Government
  • manufacturing companies
  • Public health departments

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MenuSano’s comes with a FREE 5 Day Trial. No credit card is required to start using MenuSano today. In your free trial, add recipes and calculate their nutrition. Combine recipes into a dish and view the nutrition facts label for each dish.




MenuSano Nutrition Analysis Software