How MenuSano Works


MenuSano Nutrition Analysis Software

How our nutritional software analysis system works

MenuSano is an intuitive nutritional analysis tool enabling restaurants, bakeries, hospitals, food manufacturers, grocery stores, and other foodservice businesses to quickly and accurately determine the nutrition facts of any of their dishes. Furthermore, it makes it easy to share this information with their customers online, or anywhere else.

The everyday patron seeks out restaurants that can satisfy their nutritional requirements. The restaurants also benefit from increased customer loyalty through the certainty of the nutritional content of their meals.

MenuSano Works In 3 Easy Steps

How MenuSano Works

Step 1 - Recipes

Start by entering your recipes. MenuSano's well researched nutritional database will calculate the nutrition facts as you enter your recipe. You have the option to download and print a nutrition facts label directly from the application.

For example, for a hamburger, input your recipes for each part of the hamburger (bun, patty, toppings, and special sauces) and your sides.

Recipes Screen - MenuSano


Step 2 - Dishes

Combine your recipes to create menu items or meals. MenuSano will calculate the nutrition facts for each item.

For our burger example, you will combine the bun, patty, topping, special sauces, and sides into a dish. MenuSano will calculate the nutritional information for the entire dish.

Dishes Screen - MenuSano


Step 3 - Download a Nutrition Fact Label

Download and Print a Nutrition Label. With MenuSano, you can create the following kinds of nutrition fact labels:

  • FDA nutrition fact labels
  • Canadian nutrition fact labels
  • UK nutrition fact labels
  • Various nutrition fact label templates to choose from, including vertical, horizontal, bilingual, and many more
  • New nutrition fact labels displaying potassium
  • Keto nutrition fact labels
  • Cannabis Edibles nutrition fact labels
  • Add dietary statements to labels such as Organic, Vegetarian, Vegan, and many more
  • Ingredients lists
  • Allergen Statements

Nutrition Fact Labels - MenuSano



MenuSano Nutrition Analysis Software