Meal Kit Delivery Services on the Rise

Meal Kit Delivery Service

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There’s no denying that meal kits, among many other “kit” type packages, have rapidly become a part of our everyday life during the pandemic. More than ever, meal kit delivery services are booming. Customers have more time on their hands to do their homework, so they are looking for more than just packaging or marketing to make the correct choice for them. Nutrition analysis is the key part of getting a person to become your customer, not your competitors’.

The nutritional variety and healthy meal kits are expected to meet growing demands and are of high importance in this current climate. After all, if a kit doesn’t offer everything needed, is the subscription worth it to your consumers?

Menusano uses theoretical analysis, which is more affordable and shown to be more accurate than traditional laboratory nutritional value analysis, taking into account the seasonal nutritional value of food. We want to offer you help in letting your business direct your customers to choose wisely, ensuring a more dedicated and therefore less likely to cancel a subscription following.

The Healthiest of Meal Kits

So how do you stand out in a sea of meal kits that have popped up like mushrooms after a storm? Spiffy packaging and quick delivery are good, but they’re no longer enough to keep a consumer’s interest for long. What many meal kit providers are missing is a quick and accurate nutrition facts labels software at their fingertips.

Nutrition Facts Labels

Nutritional labels are the golden standard of professional meal kits. Most people choose their meals and diets based on the label information, and the better and more accurate your information is the more trust you can share with the people enlisting your service to meet their needs.

Menusano is an award-winning nutritional value calculator that takes the tediousness and complicated work out of creating the best nutritional label for your product; It’s as simple as entering your data in and getting the results back in no time.

Place in the quantities of the ingredients that make up each product and MenuSano will show the nutritional information that can be instantly downloadable as an image or a PDF file. That data can instantly be inserted into your food menu.

You can also take individual item information and combine it into a meal. For example, giving the information for the main meat product and separating the individual sides’ nutritional information for the customer to select from.

Save Time and Costs with Recipe Costing

In a struggling economy, it is more important than ever to be mindful and smart with recipe costing. Food services are particularly hit as food has a short shelf-life, varying price points, and seasonal swings. Additionally, cutting costs cannot be reflected in the quality of the product.

It’s imperative to rely on smart features that help you optimize your product and spend, helping you manage your recipes efficiently and effectively. You want to make a profit on every meal you create, and Menusano’s Recipe Costing Software feature will help you make that a reality without struggling to make ends meet.

Our recipe costing features include:

  • Recipe Cost Experimentation
  • Auto Calculate Recipe Cost
  • View All Recipe Costs
  • View All Ingredients Costs
  • Suppliers
  • Bulk Export Ingredient & Recipe Food Costs

From your Industrial Kitchen to their Doorstep

Your transparency with customers makes all the difference in a world more reliant on reviews, research, and online word-of-mouth. Your trust and reliability are what will set you apart from the rest to a dedicated client base that enjoys and feels safe ordering your products.

Nutritional Analysis will help you gain consumers’ trust and it is the first step towards meal kits that people will love, enjoy, and recommend.

The current situation has created amazing opportunities for businesses that have meal kits available, and Menusano wants to help restaurants and food delivery services who are new to this market make the best decisions for their business.

Nutritional analysis can look intimidating and complicated, but we take that away to leave you to concentrate on what matters to you; good, nutritious food for people who need it most.

Show Customers What Your Meals are Made of

MenuSano nutritional analysis software is an easy-to-use and cost-effective solution for meal kit businesses. Whether you’re starting out, or want to revamp your business to better reflect your clients’ demands, Menusano is the software to do it quickly, accurately, and with keeping your costs in mind.

Analyze your recipes and attain nutrition fact labels online with MenuSano.

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