Tip to Measure and Control Portion Sizes

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Many of us struggle to control our weight, and obesity is a growing epidemic. Increased portion sizes are one of the most significant contributing factors to overeating and excess weight, so measuring and controlling portion sizes is something we can all try to work on, and the following tips will help:

Use smaller plates

This may sound strange, but the size of your plate can impact the amount of food that you eat. Larger plates may cause you to fill up on bigger portions, and you will always eat more than you need to without realizing it, so use smaller plates and glasses to lower the amount of food and drinks you consume.

Use your plate as your guide

Everyone has different dietary needs, but your plate can serve as a rough guide to help prevent overeating. Measuring food is not always realistic so try using your plate as a portion control guide. Vegetables or salad should make up half your plate, while a high-quality protein should take up a quarter of your plate.

Be mindful of your choices when you eat at a restaurant

Eating out can be fun, although you have to be careful because many restaurants will serve unnecessarily large portions, which will result in a ton of extra calories that you don’t need. Look at the menu carefully and ask for half a portion, or you can consider sharing a meal if you find it’s too large.

Tip to Measure and Control Portion Sizes

Drink water before every meal

This is an effective trick that will help with portion control so drink a glass of water half an hour before your meals as this will fill you up and make you feel less hungry. Additionally, when you are well-hydrated, you will better distinguish between hunger and thirst and will not overeat to have control over your food intake.

Take your time

Rushing through your meals will not allow you to recognize when you are full, so take things slowly and enjoy your meals. Slowing down will reduce your total intake and enable you to take smaller bites, and you will also chew properly, which will help improve portion control. It is also recommended that you avoid distractions because this will increase your chances of overeating, so do not watch television while you eat.

Do not eat straight from a container

This is sometimes tempting to do, but this will encourage overeating, and you will have a tough time controlling your portion sizes. When you eat straight from the container, you will eat more, and this is true regardless of taste or quality, so empty the contents into a small bowl to eat only the amount you need.

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