The Rise of Gen Z Consumers

Gen Z Consumers

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If you’re unaware of Generation Z, it’s time to familiarize yourself with this type of consumer. Millennials have set a certain standard and expectation as consumers and Gen Z is no different.

Generation Z is the demographic age range that comes after Millennials. They were born between the mid-1990s to the early 2000s. Gen Z or the iGeneration is a significant population that has now surpassed Millennials as the largest generation.

Gen Z Characteristics

Millennials have received a lot of flack for having tendencies of being unmotivated and desperate for praise, positive feedback, and admiration. Gen Z is more pragmatic and deals with things reasonably and realistically. When trying to grab their attention, companies need to take the direct approach.

Whereas Millenials look for brands that share their values, Gen Z prefers brands that show authenticity. Healthy eating is a prominent movement and Gen Z consumers embrace this type of lifestyle. Grabbing their attention involves creating a direct connection between you as a brand and them as the consumer. This group will have the biggest buying power in the future, so your business objectives should include them as your target customers.

There needs to be a no-nonsense approach when appealing to them, and this means showing quality and value. Generation Z is focused on saving money as they grew up in the recession. They will weigh out every option to find the healthiest food for the best prices. Businesses need to show their ability to provide healthy eating options that Gen Z is looking for.

Rapid advancements in technology have made it easier to research the healthiest food options and make informed decisions. Gen Z is “mobile native” and born fully into the digital age. They do not know a world without it.

They are dependent on technology, for it plays an instrumental role in their lives. With everything at their fingertips, nutrition analysis remains a priority. Companies that use nutrition analysis software can provide all the relevant nutritional information Gen Z is looking for with ease.

What Generation Z Wants From Restaurants

Businesses that promote healthy, natural, and diverse foods have a great opportunity to reach this audience. Gen Z was raised by parents that are more aware of factors such as sugar intake and its presence in so many foods. Health-conscious attitudes have rubbed off on Gen Z who are more concerned with staying healthy and avoiding sugar and artificial ingredients.

This is a consumer group that is more adventurous when eating and providing more international and unique food choices can be a great way to appeal to them. Through social media, they have much more awareness of the rest of the world and the eating habits that are currently trending – and they want to be a part of it. Having multiple ethnic cuisines on the menu is a sure way to draw them in.

Companies who embrace this approach will find a great amount of success with this new generation. Sharing where your ingredients are sourced and grown will go a long way with this group too.

Transparency is key to them. They appreciate honesty and do not like being misled. They quickly move on from these types of businesses.

Food Service Industry Trends

As mentioned before, Gen Z wants products that promote healthy eating. They also want to consume foods that are encased in sustainable packaging, for they are more conscious of environmental damage. Food waste is another cause that they support. So not only are they conscientious of what they eat, they want to make sure it’s not damaging their world.

Snacks are a big part of the Gen Z lifestyle. Consumers now snack every day. They do this almost as many times as they eat meals. Providing unique and healthy snack options is a sure way to tap into this growing market.

Technology is also changing the way people eat. With the rise of food delivery technology and apps, consumers are looking for quick, fun, and healthy choices.

Gen Z seeks trendy food options, snacks, and popular food trucks. They are more likely to build a meal out of appetizers than order a single entrée. Food choices like chicken, hamburgers, and pizza are still the top choices for this generation, though they want clean and unique takes on these classics.

Final Thoughts

To benefit consumer groups like Gen Z, you need to obtain proper nutrition analysis software for your business. Consumers like Generation Z require relevant nutritional information. MenuSano is an intuitive nutrition analysis tool that quickly and accurately determines the nutritional information of the food you serve.

MenuSano is easy to use. You enter your ingredients into recipes, assemble the recipes to form your dishes, and then download and print your new nutrition facts labels. This can be done in-house instead of a lab, saving you time and money.

Today’s consumers demand to know what is in their food. Generation Z may be even more demanding, as they have grown up extremely conscious of what they put in their bodies.

The information provided by MenuSano also makes it easy to share your nutritional information online. Gen Z demands access to information and can quickly access this data on their mobile phones. MenuSano is the nutrition analysis software that can provide you with the right tools to build loyalty and trust with this new consumer base. Keep up with the rise of Gen Z consumers with MenuSano!

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